Advantages of Travelling

Advantages of Travelling

Travelling is one of the most exiting activities to do when you still can afford it. In fact, by travelling, you discover new countries and new cities that will help you understand new ways of living and increase your knowledge about some special countries. This paper intends to show different aims of travelling because people have many reasons to travel. However, some people think that travelling is a waste of time that has been created for rich and spoiled people; though it is frequent to see nowadays many people travelling to famous countries such as USA in order to realize the legendary cliché “the American Dream” which conducts to immigration problems and so issues with authorities. This paper intends to show that travelling can sometimes be for personal reasons; it can also be for formal reasons and finally travelling can be a way to help out some countries from different problems.

First of all, travelling can be for entertainment. In fact when you travel all over the world, there is a way for you to open up yourself to a whole new and different culture that surrounds us; especially if you are with your friends which will help you to feel more comfortable in order to make new relationships. In fact, by accomplishing such an action, you will become open-minded and try to discover all new traditions and cultures that you have never seen before. Besides it is a way for you to develop certain social skills, in order to communicate with others, whether with signs or different languages … All the same, those travels give you an opportunity to practice or learn news languages in order to be bi-lingual, which is a plus for you in your curriculum.

Then travelling can help for business. In fact, nowadays we can see business companies that are trying to send their employers abroad for new studies, or discuss about projects… Indeed, one of the most rewarding experiences in work is to meet new people that have a different perception of business or work differently in order to take account of their experiences. We can also give the example of a book that has been written by a man who travelled around the world using an original method: he started with a small account of money and decided that he would start a business at each place of his adventure. Therefore he started with Morocco where he opened a business of carpet, he continued this way until he visited every country in the world.

Finally, there are some kinds of people that travel around the world but not for the same reasons quoted above. In fact, there is a group of doctors who are all volunteers and like travelling around the world to help other distressed persons; we can give the example of: “Doctors without borders”. These persons have done an amazing job in order to help a community that was suffering from incredible diseases such as in Africa… We can only congratulate the courage and the strength of these doctors.

All in all, travel can be very rewarding and help you improve your knowledge. All reasons included; whether for tourism, entertainment, work or charity, travel is a life experience!