To Be or Not to Be Married

To Be or Not to Be . . . Married?

What does it take to have a happy life? Is it important to be able to share important life events with someone? Is a better life one that is shared, or one in which each person is free to follow his or her dreams? A lot of people think that the only way to live a fulfilling life is by finding a mate, by becoming part of a couple. But is this the path to fulfillment? Or is this the path to a lot of sacrifice and compromise? Other people think that the best way to lead a fulfilling life is by staying single. But is this the path to fulfillment? Or is a single life just a path to boredom and ultimately loneliness? Some people may not think it is necessary to find a spouse in order to live a happy life, but those people are wrong. If you project into the future, it is easy to see that in order to lead a happy life, everyone should get married.

The first obvious reason everyone should get married is to have children. Of course, today it is not necessary to have a spouse in order to have children. The various ways single people acquire children can be the topic of a different essay, but suffice it to say, it happens. However, the best type of family to bring children into is one with two parents, and preferably two parents who are committed enough to each other to be willing to get married. Having a spouse help you raise children means not only having someone to share the joys with, but also having someone to help you through the rough times. A spouse is someone you can lean on when your little boy gets sick, or someone you can strategize with when you think your teenage daughter is dating the wrong boy. A single life doesn’t mean a life without children, but a life with children and a spouse to share that responsibility is the best path to take.

Looking beyond the child-bearing years, we can see another reason to have a spouse. That is, a spouse is a built-in, right-there friend for your old age. Sure you might have a lot of friends now while you are young. You spend weekends with them, even go on vacations with them. But do they have any real tether to you? If you fall on hard luck, will your friends be there? A spouse takes a vow to stick with you until the end. A spouse can be your friend and companion now, tomorrow, next year, and in twenty years. A spouse is someone who can change along with you. Then keep in mind that you might not be 100% healthy until you drop dead. A spouse will be the one who grew old with you and will be willing to take care of you if you get sick or just feeble. People who think they love the independence of being single should really think about what the future will be like when they are totally alone.

In conclusion, clearly, it takes a spouse to have a happy life. A life with children is a complete life, and having someone to share the joys and burdens is essential. A long, comfortable life is also a fulfilling life, and what better than to have the same person at your side through that journey. Sure, marriage takes some sacrifice and compromise, but it is a better alternative than a life of boredom and loneliness. Life is meant to be shared, and the best person to share with is a spouse. Everyone should get married in order to lead a happy life.