An Essay on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Essay

In the story “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses many examples to display harsh situations in life. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses descriptive diction and melancholic imagery in order to illustrate the difference between the East Egg (Buchanan’s house), West Egg (Gatsby’s house), and also The Valley of the Ashes (Wilson’s house).

Fitzgerald creates a jaded tone through the use of specific diction. One example of how he accomplishes this tone is the phrase, “Gatsby’s house which is an affluent, wealth and also a “over the top” bogus mansion. Fitzgerald made Gatsby a sign of a business class; however Gatsby is connoisseur of art and also an artist. Gatsby’s house is a condescending mansion with a $12,000 – 15,000 value [Summer House]. Also he uses his house as a “Colossal affair” or a “imagination” of a bogus, emulating the wealthy-like. It is a huge hotel for the rich. “Tower-like” building with “ivy” green vines that grow up the wall. Gatsby has a “huge marble pool”, a “40 acre front yard with fine art outside, and library that embellish all of “his books” which were not published. The author is showing that gatsby is not being himself, but yet a show off of his creative work.

Fitzgerald uses Nick as a good example of a middle class compared with Gatsby. Nick also known as the narrator has a house that is considered an “eye sore” which means that Nick’s house needs more improvement. It is also known as an over looked house because it is a regualar home that need a little bit of fixing or home improvement. Nick only pays $80 per month for his house but still lives the wealthy lifestyle like Gatsby. Nick is a type of person that is a normal person should look during the “American Dream” which Is ok to be in a middle class.

West Egg is the new, lucky wealthy people that just started their life as being rich; however, East Egg is wealthy people that inherit money from their ancestors. East egg is where The Buchanan (Daisy and Tom) live. Daisy and Tom are both selfish and bombastic who are in the upper class. East Egg has bigger houses than the West Eggers; but, The West Egg has more people that live there. West and East are both wealthy neighborhoods but have big difference like the West Egg would have German immigrant names.

F. Scott Fitzgerald uses more diction and superfluous tone for “The Valley of the Ashes”. “The Valley of the Ashes” is a working class which is also known as the lower class of Gatsby. The author uses the words and imagery of “The Valley of the Ashes” is displayed as “grey” which represents slow movement, falling apart, or boring. Fitzgerald uses the words the “ghastly”, “Wild”, and “obscure” to illustrate how bad and superfluous the whole city acts. The author uses a jaded tone for “The Valley of the Ashes” George and Myrtle Wilson live where it is all “pourdery”, “in the air”, “ash-grey men” live in the working class community. The author’s imagery illustrates on the comparison at the “East/West-Egg” to “Valley of the Ashes”. He does this by displaying the East/West Eggs as a rich community.

The West/East Eggers are way superior to the low and working class of “The Valley of the Ashes”. From all this evidence, it is clear to see that the American Dream is achievable. Even though there may be significant differences between the rich and poor, anyone can thrive in life. It all depends on how hard and individual works for it and have a goal.