Essay on Social Classes from the Book The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Essay on Social Classes from the book The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

In many of years the community population in England and in many other places in the world was divided into two social classes. There were an upper class, who could enjoy their life in luxury and buy anything they need to have a nice life. And there was a working class, who have to fight for a fairly born life and they have to do the hard work for the upper class. The assignment is about the class differences in England. I will start to tell about the general differences of the classes. Afterwards I will compare the two classes in England with the Elois and Murlocks in the book "The Time machine" from H.G. Wells. Finally I will draw some parallels to the three social classes England have today.

First of all England have two social classes, which are dependent. The upper class could not live without the working class, because someone have to do the hard work undergrounds for example as a miner or other works, where the workers have to find raw materials for the upper classes. But the working class could not live without the upper class, because they do not were so intelligent as the upper class, and they need to know, what they should do. If the working class do not received information's about, what they have to do, they could not find a way to get money. We can say, it is a archaic form of the society, where you have the strong and intelligent people who says what to do and you have the powerful people who can execute it. Together the two social classes did their jobs very well, compared to other countries. But the working class felt unfairly treated because they only get so little money compared to the upper class, and they felt they had to work much more and much harder than the upper class. The upper class do not see any problems with it, and they managed to keep the critics off.

However, the author H.G. Wells wrote a book about this conflict. He managed it without someone of the upper class remarked that the book was about the conflict between the upper class and the working class. In the book he shows us a future, where mankind has been changed into two different animals. Above ground The Elois live, who will be the rich people, who live in happiness, comfort and beauty, while the people underground, the Murlocks, were poor and the workers. The author shows us, how the world might look, if this division of society would go on for thousands of years. The rich people would be stupid, because they will not use their brain in many years and their intelligence will go back. Because the animals could not survive in the future, the author has designed, the Elois only will eat fruits and no meat. Therefore, the Elois bodies do not evolve and become thinner and less. It will make them more vulnerable, because the Murlocks start eating the Elois. Because the Murlocks eat meat they evolve and their bodies adapted to underground conditions, which was the reason, why they could not live on the soil surface anymore, only at night, where they come out of the underground and eat the Murlocks. In his book he says that the rich are getting more and more stupid, and it proves that it really is true, because the upper class does not observed that the book criticizes the upper class.

The main problem is in my opinion, that the working class do not get the same conditions as the upper class. People from poor families should have the same opportunity as people from rich families. England has also seen the problem and the class system has through the years changed. Today England have three classes: An underclass, a middle class and a upper class. But today the class of the people do not matter. The underclass do not have it so hard like the working class for many years ago. Today the majority of the population in England are placed in the middle class, and only a few are placed in the upper class and underclass. Generally the English population feel very well, compared to poor countries like Portugal or Greece. The somewhat socialist class system has become the favored class system, also in a liberalist country like England.

Finally the people in England suffer no distress, and we do not see the rough division into classes, as for fifty years ago. Even though you are in the lowest class, you have the opportunity to get out of this class. It is not like the book "The Time Machine" where the people are divided into Murlocks or Elois, where there is not an opportunity to switch from a Eloi to a Murlock or vice versa. In my opinion it would not go so far, but nothing is impossible in our world.

In conclusion the working class have a really hard time for some years ago, where people almost the whole day were underground to work, while people from the upper class have a nice life at the surface of the earth. H.G. Wells saw a dark future for this class system and wrote a book, where the mankind has changed into two different animals. This constellation will not be good for the upper class or the lower class, but if it develops as it does now, it will not go so far. Probably. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, and neither do H.G. Wells.