Paying a Price for Free Criticism: Prostitutes Perceived for Their Occupation

Paying a Price for Free Criticism: Prostitutes Perceived for Their Occupation

When I thought about prostitutes, I used to think about a video playing the romantic rock music from the ‘80s with a pretty woman being stalked by the singer in a fancy car. However, when you ask others to think about a prostitute, they would probably assume that they are “nobodies” or have no cares about life and anyone else. Another vision of a prostitute that used to come to my mind was a teenager that had dark-red lipstick on with torn clothes while smoking a cigarette. Nevertheless, the true identity of a prostitute almost never comes to our minds. Do we ever put ourselves in their high heels and try to understand why they are doing such a job? The truth is that prostitutes are judged according to their occupation rather than for the person they really are in the inside!

First and foremost, prostitutes must bear with the following judgment: other guardians see them as inadequate or unfit parents. Others do not see a prostitute’s genuine wish to be a better example for their child. There are many times in where a prostitute can be walking their child to the bus stop and other parents just stare like hungry sharks through the windows of their cars. According to an interview in the internet, a woman by the name, Alexis Wright, was considered to be an exceptional mom to her child regardless that she is a rather famous prostitute that teaches Zumba. Another fact is that a prostitute might have chosen their occupation due to the fact that they are desperate to provide for their kid financially. According to a survey, 92% of prostitutes that wish to quit, do not leave their “job” because they are in the need of money! If child is starving due to the lack of money (needs financial aid) and the parent steals a hot piece of bread (works in prostitution) instead of buying it (work in a professional job), did they not provide for their child? Then, a prostitute can be a responsible and loving parent regardless of their job. Most people that commit crimes have children that they wish to see but can only speak to them through thick bullet-proof windows with a phone in their hand. 80,000 prostitutes are arrested worldwide each year. With all of these facts in mind, prostitutes are not the best loved persons in public.

Next, prostitutes have to deal with the constant rejection and discrimination from the public. How many times do prostitutes walk in front of a party with drunken men screaming mean names at them with foaming beers in their hands? The truth is that you hardly ever see prostitutes in public and it is for the following reason: people are faster than a cheetah to criticize. 204 out of 100,000 prostitutes are murdered! This is a statistical and horrible fact. Also, if a prostitute visits a public place, no one will offer them company. I have never seen prostitute eating pasta at a table in Olive Garden because they will most likely be left alone with no one to sit by their chair or table! A prostitute is often avoided because others prevent themselves from speaking with them. All of this stacked upon them like Legos will eventually have an effect on the true person they are in the heart.

Lastly, a prostitute lacks support from others. None of the zebras want to get to know the lion. In other words, how many people really take their time to truly get to know a prostitute? It is a fact that 75% to 95% of prostitutes were abused as children. This should cause someone walking next to a prostitute in the misty streets in the freezing winter to give them a huge and warm hug. A prostitute’s family may be ashamed of them or they may not have any true friends because others are too embarrassed. Based on a survey, a prostitute is beaten about twelve times per year! This clearly indicates that their family members have no knowledge of this and are probably emotionally apart because they do not accept a prostitute’s occupation. Another detail is the following: There are some Evangelicals that fail to preach the Gospel to them because they convince themselves that prostitutes are impossible to save or that God wants nothing to do with them. Well, there is the spine-shaking testimony of Susan Stafford, from Huntington, IN, who was redeemed from prostitution through Jesus Christ! Last but not least, usually prostitutes have no emotional partners or anyone to support them with true love that tries to get to know who they truly are in the inside. “A prostitute has unprotected sex about three hundred times per year.” (pg.1); this is a clear fact that a prostitute could be searching for true love in a false way. The bottom line is that we all deserve support and love just like every flower needs the rain.

Whether you ever understand the frame mind of a prostitute or their motives, the evidence of this knowledge sets a “border” or limit that should be put when judging. Did not Jesus Christ teach us the following: "Which of the two did what his father wanted?" "The first," they answered. Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you. (New International Version ©1984). A prostitute may have the worse profession but the best intentions in her heart. We must look in the mirror twice to see the reflection looks the same the second time. In other words, if we think about our judgments twice, we may not think the same when we learn these facts. In conclusion, prostitutes are paying a high price for the free criticism they receive by being perceived for their occupation instead of for who they are internally.