Problems with the Conditions of My High School

Problems with the Conditions of My High School

My high school was in pitiful condition the year of my graduation. My class was the last to leave, and our graduation year was awful. The actual physical aspect of the school was plagued with a foul over glow. No one wanted to go there, but there was not a choice. It was either drive a couple of minutes, or pay big bucks and go to Tullahoma. The few students who had the money went, so did some of the teachers.

The classrooms in the school were very overcrowded. The classrooms were like sardine boxes that were bulging at all sides. One of my largest classes had thirty-four kids in it, but there were only supposed to be twenty-four or twenty-five. It was common to share a desk. It was just as bad in the hallways. The feeling of the crowded hallways is like feeling of the chickens in a Tyson chicken truck. It is packed tight, slow moving, and smells like crap.

There was no way that anyone would say the school smelled exquisite unless they like the smell of urinals. The entire school from halls to classes smelled like a boys’ restroom. If you were one of the unlucky students who had a class next to a restroom then it was a dreadful semester. The people who put in the ductwork hooked up the boys’ room ventilation to flow into the closest class, so if any boys were smoking or had bowel problems it was obvious. Other than that, the heater and air conditioner were bad. The heater smelled of rotting gopher rats, and the air did not work at all. Since it was the last year at the high school, they did not want to invest money into something that they would not have to deal with the following year. In effect, we had to suffer through the horrific temperatures and gagging smells.

The school was built so long ago that most the materials they used to make it are now outdated and unsafe. The old high school was overflowing with asbestos, and if you taught there long enough you would surely die of cancer. The students and faculty stayed sick causing one of the lowest attendance rates in the state. Sure if there were a fire, it would not be a big deal because of the flame retardant walls, and no one would get hurt because everyone would be out sick.

Covered in stains, the ceilings and walls were not pretty. There was no telling what the gross stains were, but I think I feel better not knowing. If scientists came in and tested the substance, they would probably say that it was a radioactive mold. The walls were crumbling so bad that you could stick a pencil into a spot and get an easy handful of drywall, and that was evident throughout the school. My high school was a crappy place to be, and I am glad that I never have to enter that school again.