The Reality of Immigration

The Reality of Immigration

The United States has many illegal immigrants who work hard to earn money for their families. They are people who migrate to the unknown in search of something better for themselves and their loved ones. Illegal immigrants who work and benefit the country should be given the right to have legal documentation to get better paying jobs. Peter Katel’s article and “Enrique’s Journey,” by Sonia Nazario explain how much migrants suffer and the risks that they take to go to the United States. These two authors also provide statistics and reasons to why illegal immigrants decided to leave their families and country to come into a foreign one. This issue is significant because many illegal immigrants do not deserve to be deported. They just want to work to have a better life and future with their families. Illegal immigrants are the working people who help the United States in many ways.
Immigrants are respectful humble people. They are raised with a different culture where they teach them to be decent and hard working. Most illegal immigrants are discriminated without reason. Mexican illegal immigrants are very hard working people; in their country they start working at the age of twelve or younger. Many kids still today start working at an early age in simple jobs such as sweeping streets or helping women with groceries. Illegal immigrants have a strong mentality they come to the United States willing to work in any job. They know that the U.S money is worth twice as much as the Mexican money, so even if they get paid badly it is still better than their country. Immigrants work a lot of hours and overtime in order to get paid well. There are times when they work from early five o’clock to late nine o’clock, just to get a well-paid check to send to their families.

Many illegal immigrants migrate in search of something important that they lack in their country. To immigrants the most important thing for them can be money or their families. Immigrants are working people who leave in search of better jobs to earn more money for their families. Immigrants just want to send enough money to live an ok life because they do not want to live away from their loved ones for a long time. Most migrants go to the U.S for a short amount of time; they do not plan on living there forever. In “Enrique’s Journey” Enrique leaves in search of his mother who is in the U.S. His mother leaves him and his sister to go to the U.S and earn a lot of money to send them, because her kids are poor. Katel’s article tells us about a couple, Maria and Juan, who leave their country to find good paying jobs. Maria and Juan have a son who they bring to the U.S to study and have a better and brighter future “Here he has a chance to go to college. In Mexico, no matter how hard we work we don’t have the possibility of paying for him to go to college” (Katel).

Illegal immigrants in danger their lives to have a better future; they do not want to harm anyone. Migrants face many struggles on their journey to the U.S such as hunger, robberies, gangsters, and Mexican immigration authorities. In Enrique’s Journey, Enrique faces all of these struggles. He meets many gangsters from “Mara Salvatrucha” and “18th street” (Nazario85) in Chiapas who kill, threaten, and rob many immigrants. He gets robbed and almost killed for his small amount of money and clothes by six men. “They slam him facedown. All six surround him. Take off everything, one says. Another swings a wooden club. It cracks into the back of Enrique’s head” (Nazario53). Enrique survives and overcomes this danger that he faced, but in his journey he still struggles of the mistreatments from “la migra,” (Nazario59) the Mexican immigration authorities, and hunger.

Immigrants help the United States a lot financially. They do not sponge off the system because they pay taxes but they do not receive any money back. The government stays with the immigrant’s tax money and they use it for the countries benefit. At times it seems like something small that people do not take in consideration, but if they multiply it by all the immigrants in the country, it ends up being a lot of money. Immigrants make companies not go broke “Restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, agriculture – a very broad group of industries – are looking for a supply of workers to remain productive” (Katel). With the badly paid jobs that immigrants get in the U.S the companies have a better chance to make a lot of profit. Many people in the U.S dislike immigrants because “Many Americans blame illegal immigrants…. For depressing wages...” (Katel) Americans think that illegal immigrants are the reason to why many employers lower the wages on most workers. They also dislike immigrants because they “Change the nation’s culture by refusing to assimilate.” (Katel) Many migrants bring their own culture and traditions from their countries and they end up celebrating them in the U.S as if they were in their country.

Illegal immigrants are a great help to the U.S and they could help more if they were given the opportunity of having legal documentation. Immigrants are a huge issue because the percentage grows every year “3.9 million undocumented migrants lived in other states – nearly a tenfold increase.” (Katel) Immigrants are not a threat to the country that they migrate into, which is why people should help them and not hurt them. There are many ways to help illegal immigrants such as joining protests on immigration, or simply changing their point of view towards them. Immigrants are just human beings who leave into the unknown in search of a better life for their families whom suffer of hunger and cold in their country.

Everyone deserves to be helped because maybe someday you will have to migrate to the unknown too and the mistreated illegal immigrant might be you.

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