Short Review on To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel written by Harper Lee. It is about two young children growing up in a small town, understanding values and learning life altering lessons. Throughout the book Scout and Jem are faced with situations and the children learn to resolve problems on their own while applying the newly taught lessons. Atticus, Mrs. Dubose and Calpurnia help the children the most through tough times by teaching Scout and Jem helpful ways to overcome situations.

Atticus teaches Jem and Scout lessons with a great impact on them as a father. Atticus teaches them well how to be polite, respectful and courteous. He does not discourage originality and Atticus often tells the children to ignore crude comments from, others. Scout often needs the encouragement more than Jem, this is because of her continuous bad habit of fighting with others, usually based around Atticus, and his employment as a lawyer defending a black citizen. Atticus has been working on defending Tom Robinson, a black citizen accused of rape. With so much racism revolving around Tom's trial Atticus is forced to deal with a large amount of hate because of this, and the children are affected greatly. Atticus is a fair and reasonable lawyer and teaches his children to be gracious, respectful and against racism just like himself. Atticus has the largest impact on the children as a father and lawyer, he teaches them how to be polite and great citizens of Maycomb County and continues to be a great man.

Mrs. Dubose is an old, cranky, rude neighbor of the Finch's. Although she has many bad quality's Mrs. Dubose has taught Jem and Scout an important lesson about how things are not always what they seem. For example Mrs. Dubose said “Your father is a nigger lover.” For that reason The children have always despised her. From her rude behavior, Scout and Jem have learned to ignore her and other comments that many other citizens make towards Atticus.