Symbolic Essay - The Diary of Anne Frank

Symbolic Essay - The Diary of Anne Frank

For this symbolic assignment I read the Diary of Anne Frank. This is a diary format, non-fiction, novel about a 13 year old Jewish girl and her family, during the time of 1942 to 1944. As the Nazis were occupying Holland, Anne Frank and her family, along with one other family deserted their homes and immediately went into hiding in the “Secret Annexe” (an old office building). It was vital that they remain quiet between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. otherwise the workers in the office building could possibly hear them. The two families lived in close quarters and were extremely cut off from the outside world as they lived in immense fear of being captured. These poor and extremely innocent people had to undergo many hardships such as: hunger, boredom, constant confinement of living in close quarters and mainly they feared being discovered by the Gestapo. This would mean that they would be sent to different concentration camps and never see each other again. The heroes in this non-fiction novel were Otto Frank (Anne’s father) and Kraler and Miep (two warm and kindhearted Germans). Otto Frank was a hero to his family and to many others as he did not allow the Gestapo to ruin the spirit of his family. He immediately took the initiative and took steps to make sure that his family was as safe as possible. He always remained calm and patient, especially when all the others in the attic began to get extremely frustrated and frightened. The other heroes in this novel were Kraler and Miep as they put their own lives in jeopardy for the Frank’s and the Van Daan’s. Kraler and Miep were the one’s who collected the basic needs for the two families (e.g. food, clothing, the information about the war and also provided shelter). In my container I have incorporated three very unique items to demonstrate what these two families had to endure during those long, uncertain and horrifying two years. These items are a Diary, deck of cards, and a tin pencil holder box. This box (container) will symbolize the old-run down attic that the two families had to live in for 2 years. I designed the shoebox to look like an old attic, as it was very dull and quiet.

The first object that will be placed in the box is a Diary. The diary symbolizes how and what Anne Frank recorded during her time in the attic. In Anne’s diary she explains to us how fearful her life really was as they were never sure if they would be arrested or even at times when they were limited to how much food they were entitled to. If you became ill you couldn’t be too loud, you always had to be careful of what you were doing. But the worst feeling was being terrified all the time for their lives and the lives of the other’s. At one point Anne mentioned that she was feeling caged in like she belonged in a circus. The diary appears to be normal on the outside, but when you open it there are many different pages which represents the different chapters of Anne’s life. The pages can be easily rip, which was exactly what happened in her life. Her life started as an ordinary childhood, but as soon as the Nazis invaded Holland many of her pages began to rip. Anne’s life was beginning to turn upside down. Families were getting destroyed and getting separated from one another. As soon as the Jews were sent to the many different concentration camps the women, men and children were all separated from each other, allowing them to feel extremely sad and depressed, which left them no hope of ever seeing their family members again.

My second object that will be placed in the container is a deck of cards. The cards represent the uncertainty or the possibility of what could happen next. It may be something good but it may also lead to something that is not so good. For instance, while the family was in hiding they heard scary wounds coming from downstairs in the old office building. However, the families were unaware of who was breaking in, it was possible it was a burglar or perhaps maybe the Gestapo, they never knew for certain because they never left the attic. The deck of cards has that same idea behind them. When you pull out one card without looking at it you are always unsure of what that card may be. There are many options as to what that card may be. You could look at it, but if it’s not the correct card you need to win the game you may loose. You wouldn’t loose something as valuable as your life, but you would loose either money or whatever you have bet. The Diary of Anne Frank is similar to a deck of cards since they both have uncertainties about them. The Frank’s never knew if they were going to get caught therefore, they lived in fear every single moment for the two years they were in the attic. One false move could have changed their lives forever as the Nazis would find them and send then away to the concentration camps.

My last object that will be placed inside my box is a tin pencil holder. This pencil holder depicts the attic that the Frank’s and the Van Daan’s had to live in for those two extensive years. The attic was extremely tiny and looked very dull, just as this pencil holder does, but it serves a purpose. It looks very old and has four walls to keep the items inside. Inside the attic, Anne compared it to living inside of a cage. This pencil case also represents how Anne’s father (Otto) would help others out by taking in complete strangers and trusting them with the secret of knowing about the “Secret Annexe”. No matter how full and packed the attic was Otto Frank would always make room for one more. Just like this pencil box. No matter how full it appeared to be, you could always still fit one more pencil inside. This showed that Otto Frank was an extremely kind hearted man as he was always willing to help others.
When I finished reading this novel, I realized how important your family and your freedom are and that we should never take them for granted. I chose the diary, the deck of cards, and the tin pencil holder as they best describe my novel. They explain how Anne and her family faced the many hardships but continued to survive, not matter what the circumstances were. I have learned as I mentioned before, you cannot take your freedom and well being for granted as your life can change in an instant. Anne and her family, along with all the Jewish community did not deserve to be treated in such a horrifying manner. However, when they were in the attic they never worried about their possessions but instead worried about their friends and family.

As friends and family are the most sacred gift you could ever ask for.