Waiters I Do Not Tip - A Clarification Essay

Waiters I Do Not Tip - A Clarification Essay

When it comes to the social network in my life it always seems to center itself on the dining experience. I think myself to be a very generous tipper and take my dining experience very serious in all its aspects. I have had great ones and bad ones, the ones that were in the middle disappear from my memory and the very good ones seldom occur; so in this case I’ll touch on the ugly side of the coin. I’ve encountered bad service from waiters for which I’ve come to put them on different groups: the magicians, the thrill seekers; and the bad boys/girls.

The magicians as I like to call them seem to be particularly great at disappearing. I wait around forever and when they arrive they take my drink order and disappear. I mean, the entire experience before I get my food sometimes takes longer than an hour. In addition, what I have come to find out is that no matter what time of the day it is; or how busy or empty the establishment might be it makes no difference in the time spent looking for my waiter or waitress. Furthermore, even the time from getting my drink order to getting the check is a hassle. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten so good though at getting these types of waiters down that when they finally show up to take my drink order I am ready with my food order as well; this usually shaves about ten minutes off my entire experience.

As you now know the magicians tend to disappear; on the contrary to the thrill seekers that they just prefer to be there always smothering. These two types seem to be different and the reason why I call them thrill seekers is because these waiters tend to overwhelm and for some reason most of them get the order wrong. I believe that the reason why they fall into my bad category is because of their inability to pay attention to their job. Moreover, they seem to be more involved in making friends with you than actually serve you. Some of them it seems I have more conversations with than with my friends I actually went to eat with. Additionally, I actually had one of the waiters once ask if he could try some of my guacamole, which to me was a bit over the edge.

After briefly exploring the magicians and thrill seekers we now come to the bad boys/girls. These waiters are pretty much just rude; they act as if they don’t want to be there and as if they don’t care of what I want. These waiters are the worst. They share one common tray with the magicians as they too sometimes disappear and don’t come back until the end to collect the money. Once I had one of these bad boys simply deny the fact that he had not placed my order correctly and as a matter of fact accused me of never having asked for my order that way. Pursuing this further, I had witnesses to the fact and pretty soon I found myself arguing back and forth and his voice began to rise over mine. At which point a manager had to become involved.

May they be magicians, thrill seekers or bad boys/girls, call them however you may but in the end they all fall under one statement; waiters I’d never tip. When it came time for the bill they all reacted the same way when they saw their tip amount. Depending on their missing in action time, their overwhelming actions or their rudeness only one waiter did not get a tip and if you were guessing you probably guessed it right. The one who did not get the tip was the bad boy arguing with me raising his voice so everyone could hear. I enjoy eating out and it really disappoints me when I find bad service. It is funny but I can handle bad food more than I can bad service. In final consideration, I can always return my food or simply get it exchanged for something else; bad service however, cannot be returned or exchanged.