College Entrance Essay for Teaching

When asked what you would want to be when I was little, my answer would be: “a teacher, because I like writing with a chalk. When I grew older, my still have the same answer but my reason was: “I get to talk to people all day long” Now if you ask me, what you would choose for your career, I’d still stick with my original answer with a completely different reason.

For my early life, I have explored different ways of teaching by from my highly interest in public speech, writing with a chalk and interactions with people. With all natural born innocent mind and inexperienced life, teach is nothing but a fun time to me: I enjoyed standing in front of the crowd instructing my student with fake yet new knowledge; I was pumped in getting positive feedbacks about my great talent in teaching. However things can be different throughout my teenage and adolescent life. I have learned that I also have other talents besides teaching; I have learned that to put my talent all together I can do something maybe more interesting than teaching, and I have learned that all the other interesting things I can manage doing would make me way richer than becoming a teacher…I’ve changed my mind thousands of times; I have switched majors, went to all kinds of interviews and tried all different jobs to find out what really fits me. To my knowledge, career is something you suck up and keep yourself alive. You get up every morning and get things done before 5 and then your life can finally start. Does it always have to be like this? Can job really become part of your life that you can really enjoy?

Dr. Rothman, my college academic advisor, who has great passion about teaching. “Teaching is the best way of leaning” as he always say; which does make sense from my experience. I have been a tutor for years. Sometimes my students are of my age and come from the same class I took. I helped them solving the problem which helped me have a deeper knowledge of what I know, and sometime I learned something new from not knowing how to solve them by myself and later try to figure it out. This experience or Dr. Rothman’s words never made anything significant in my life rather than improving my grades in my math classes. It was until the Nicaragua information session which brought this saying into a higher level.

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” David Ives, the executive director of the Albert Swizcher Institute quoted Marian Wright Edelman at the Nicaragua Project information session for the students of arts and science. We were shown pictures of last year’s 1 week long helping building school project at Nicaragua. They also invited some students had done it in the past as key note speakers. The QU student helped them built classrooms, took classes with them together, tutor them math and English…etc. we were all happy to see how helpful and meaningful we can be to them and how much we have changed their lives. In the mean time, we were all so gracefully inspired by their spirits: always hoping for a better life. Even though they have very low income, even though they have very tough situations to study, even keeping themselves alive…there were always laughter throughout the entire week, better yet, their whole life. Those local students and their family never seem to deep their head down for the toughness of their situation; they always work hard and hoping for a better day. And they did it. After the whole week time project, our construction work and tutoring work seemed like a big progress than where we started. In return, we also learned their culture, language, and better made new friends across the nations.

So Dr. Rothman was right about his learning from teaching other people. But more than what we have learned the culture and language. Their optimists and good hope for life, we have been inspired and learned a good way of appreciate our life and hope for a better world. To me, this also has given me the idea of what I have been waiting for my own life: to help people, to do what I can to help them improve and inspire their lives. I think I was wrong about myself earlier. Career doesn’t have to be conflicted with life if you really find out what you truly like.

Why XXX College?

XXX College is located in XXX where I can get tons of opportunities in teaching internships and teaching jobs after graduation . XXX is also one of the most diversified communities in the world where it gathers a good variety of people with interesting background and culture from which I can learn to improve myself. Born and raised in another country has given the distinction and uniqueness to grow inside of me which I think will be a good fit to this environment. Particularly at XXX College, Im very interested in started my teaching career with high professional training and its featured programs. The classes will help me gain more knowledge of teaching and teaching certification training will bring this up to a higher level.

In the end I would like to finish my essay with a quote. This is from Jessica’s graduation speech in the Movie “New Moon”: “So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… we won't have to guess. We'll know." That was probably where I was at before I found out what I really like and tried all different things to explore myself. After years of experience and learning things in the hard way, I now can finally get to the end and “know” my answer.