Compare and Contrast of the Songs Imagine by John Lennon and Let it Be by Paul McCartney

Compare and Contrast the Songs Imagine by John Lennon and Let it Be by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney and John Lennon are known to be two of the top artist of all time. John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s partnership is one of the best known and most successful partnerships in musical history. The effort that they put into the song writing and performing was truly phenomenal. The song that they have hand written and performed still live today and will always be known and never forgotten. McCartney and Lennon both took part in the non-forgettable band “The Beatles”. The Beatles are another name that most know who they are talking about when they hear it said, and they too will never go anywhere and will always be here in the future. Lennon and McCartney’s experience with music groups was amazing. To be involved in The Beatles who will never be forgotten and their own duo that had phenomenal success is truly the greatest pleasure they can have in the musical industry. Paul McCartney was also in a band called Wings, were he didn’t make as big success as he did with The Beatles.
Paul McCartney had many well known songs such as “Live and Let Die”, “Jet”, “Another Day”, and many others. One song that I believe is his greatest hit and is well known is “Let it Be”. To me “Let it Be” is a song to tell us just let it go, and forget. In life many people stress about things too much worrying what people will think after it is done. “Let it be” shows that we need to just live without thinking in a sense, to not worry about things and just let them be as they are. According to songfacts, Paul McCartney wrote this song in a remembrance of his mother who died when he was fourteen years old. The song originated from a dream Paul McCartney had about his mother ten or so years after she had passed. The dream came to him when he went to bed being paranoid and anxious. In the dream his mother came to him speaking words of wisdom, this is where he began to write the song. Surprisingly enough John Lennon actually hated this song because of its Christian overtones.
John Lennon was a well known artist. One of my top favorite songs by John Lennon is “Imagine”. The song to me screams a sign for peace. “Imagine” is a song that shows that he wanted peace between everyone, and this was a way to get the message across to many people. According to songfacts, the song was meant to portray just that message. It is defined as a political message that is sugarcoated with beautiful melody. Lennon made this softer approach to bring the song to a wider audience, in hopes that they would actually listen to the message that is being given. Lennon’s music video to this song also helped portray this message. In the video Lennon dressed as a cow boy and Yokok Ono dressed as an Indian. This wardrobe was to help say that everyone different or alike needs to come together forgetting the past and all the differences and just become as one.
The songs “Imagine” by John Lennon and “Let it Be” by Paul McCartney have a lot of similarities. The calming sounds of both sounds are one of the major similarities of the two songs that anybody will notice. The two musicians were much alike beyond just these two songs. They were both in the same band and enjoyed the same music. For these two in particular they both give out a very strong message. The messages that they both send are a very deep meaning to both song writers. While one song is about a lost loved one the other is about bringing peace to everyone, two things that are strongly viewed still today. Both songs had a lot of work put into to both and a lot of feelings. The lyrics from Paul McCartney’s let it be “When the broken hearted people living in the world agree there will be an answer, let it be” are songs that can relate to John Lennon’s song as a whole, giving out the same message. When Lennon talks about heaven in the beginning of his song, can relate to McCartney’s peace about his mom leaving the earth going to heaven. The songs vocals are very similar. The vocals on each song are very soft, giving off the message as a more serious tone. With the softer tone the audience gets pulled in more to listen carefully.
While the two songs have many similarities there are still many differences. Both songs have very strong meanings but they are different types of meanings to each songwriter. While Lennon’s song “Imagine” sends out a very strong message that everyone can pick up and maybe do something about a worldwide problem that has been occurring since the beginning of time and sadly hasn’t been fixed yet. McCartney’s song sends out a different type of strong message. McCartney is just saying to let things go and not to dwell on the bad and or sad things that have happened. Paul McCartney’s song teaches us to put the past behind us such as his mother’s death, to just let things that happen be and not sit around and mope about them.
Overall, listening to both of these songs I see that there are many similarities and some differences. The messages of the songs can be the same but yet they can be very different from each other too. Both artists were in the same band so these songs are in the same category, which is soft rock. The rhythms of both of the songs were very much alike being that they are very mellow. The songs both have the piano as a main instrument, allowing the melody to be very soft and calming. Both of these songs were a pleasure for me to do. Paul McCartney and John Lennon are two of my favorite older styles of music to listen to. There songs are different from songs today. Songs today don’t have as strong of emotion and meaning that they put into their songs back then. It is easier to relate to some of their songs because I can actually understand and listen to the whole song without cutting it off. All in all I can relate to these songs from listening to them as I was growing up, they bring back fond memories to me.

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