Comparison of Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Style

Comparison of Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Style

I've always considered myself a good writer. Recently I've come to the conclusion that there are two major differences between writing fiction and non-fiction, and different ways that they need to be approached. Each style needs a little, or a lot of research. Fiction can be based on what’s real or what’s not. Non-fiction is strictly what is.

When writing fiction for me it seems rather simple. There are no strict rules, no path that can't be followed or thought that can't be conveyed. You are only limited by what's there in my mind. If I want to write about being a traveling salesman whose career is based on the sale of combs I can do that. I use what I know about travel, the need for a product, and I can then compare it to some of the struggles or success of past endeavors. Fiction doesn’t always mean that your character can do amazing things. Sometimes a story doesn’t need to be out of left field to be good. There are similarities to writing non-fiction though.

If you write a paper about fiction you must keep it at least centered in the reality you set forth as you continue to write. You could create a character that can’t swim, but it wouldn’t make sense for him to be snorkeling off the coast of Florida. For example imagine that you were writing about vampires. There is quite a bit of history involved on these creatures’ strengths and weaknesses. Facts like these can be bent slightly to fit a story you write. There is a familiarity to this topic that has almost become common knowledge and shouldn't be changed. In the end though it’s your story and can be as wild and imaginative as you want it to be.

It can be simple if you’re writing about an experience you’ve had. Conveying something you saw or did can be put on paper rather quickly and easily. You can go into great detail explaining what happened and you can even add colorful descriptions. The more detailed you can be in your descriptions the easier it will be for the reader to re-live or experience the moment as they read what you've written. Try and compare your experience to something common that most people can relate to. I’ve found that the more creative you can be in your descriptions the more interesting the story is for the reader.

When you write an evaluation about a person, product, or organization you must keep your paper truthful. Researching everything you can find on the topic and displaying both pros and cons while setting focus on what you’re trying to convey. This can be difficult but it is necessary for the reader to form their own opinion.

If you’re given enough time and can put in the effort anything can be done. I wrote this paper in hopes of showing that writing fiction and non-fiction doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it can even be fun.