Despite the Increased Awareness of the Effects of Drunk Driving it Continues to be a Serious Issue

Despite the Increased Awareness of the Effects of Drunk Driving it Continues to be a Serious Issue

Each year numerous lives are lost due to carless, reckless drunk driving, but drunk driving accidents do not always end up fatal, some people survive severe accidents but are now changed people, beautiful people burned, the athletic paralyzed and people just struggling to speak. These are the reasons drunk driving is illegal.

My first reason would be, when you drink alcohol you have difficulty walking, blurred vision, slow reaction timing and slurred speech. Clearly alcohol affects the brain in negative ways, and when these events happen to you, for example, when your at a party with some friends, and you’ve had a couple drinks or more, and you now have all these symptoms, and the party is coming to an end and everyone is leaving, and you decide to get into your vehicle and drive home, well that is where the problem begins. When you get into your car and decide to drive home and you are intoxicated, this is what most likely will happen, your vision is very poor and blurry, and instead of seeing one road you may see two. when an intoxicated person sees two roads, he/she will mostly likely move side to side not knowing which road is the correct one, therefore resulting into a accident, which then could lead to taking yours or someone else’s life.

Secondly, education and media coverage about these dangerous events of drunk driving are more prevalent today then ever before. Unfortunately people continue to drink and drive and risk their lives and others. It is estimated that between, 1999 to 2008 there were over 10,000 fatal impaired driving accidents and nearly 500,000 injury only accidents.

Finally, the repercussions of drunk driving can be extremely expensive. If involved in a car accident, your insurance costs will go up substantially, you would have to repair the damaged vehicles, there would also be a high probability of obtaining a criminal record which than could later affect your employment.

In conclusion, despite the increase awareness of the effects of drunk driving it continues to be a serious issue in Canada. People choose to drink and drive for many reasons, but none of which are legitimate. The reality of it all is that drinking and driving can be very expensive, dangerous, cause’s health issues, serious injuries and possibly even death. Life is about the choices we make, so why make a choice that could end yours or someone else life pre maturely.