Environmental Market Impacts

Environmental Market Impacts

There are many factors that can affect the marketing conditions of a product or service. Market conditions are impacted by environmental issues and conditions both domestically and globally. The factors that impact the environment can be political, environmental, or market driven. Many times the smell insignificant changes that occur in daily life impact the market in some way. Furthermore, this essay will show in detail how some environmental issues affect market conditions.

With the election of 2008 closing, it will soon be evident how much a political change can and will affect the domestic and global markets. Either the change in power of a political party or the actual candidate can impact the market conditions of many things. The import and export businesses could be impacted by the power shift in the United States and even be felt worldwide. Leaders of other countries may be more or less inclined to associate with the United States now that there is a Black Democratic leader in office. Others may see it as a new beginning for the U.S. and encourage a spike in the global market. The rise and fall of political leaders in the past has proven many times that political influences do impact the market worldwide.

Market conditions trend with other environmental issues including the actual environment. With many companies going green and global warming on the rise, it is evident how much the environment impacts the market conditions. Fuel prices are driven by the price of a barrel of crude oil which in turn dictates how much to charge per gallon at the pump. After a hurricane or other natural disaster, the controlling powers will raise the prices even before the surplus stocks are affected. The environment also affects the global market on other products as well including steel. China is currently purchasing much of the U.S.’s scrap steel at a better price than is being paid inside the U.S. This impacts the domestic and global market. Competition is another market environmental factor that affects the conditions on both a domestic and global scale. Stiff competition can influence a manufacture to lower a price on a good or service to the point of loss of profits. This action will ripple through the market and affect all other competitors in that market as well as vendors that supply raw materials to the market. The wave affect can travel around the world through different markets and affect jobs and profits globally.

One organization that markets both domestically and globally is the Coca-Cola Company. This product is marketed worldwide and faces environmental issues as well as competitive markets. One example of the global marketing campaign took place during the 2008 Olympic Games. Coca-Cola launched a huge marketing and advertising directive that included the logo in some of the different languages form the participating countries. This product was pushed both domestically and globally. There are many factors in the marketing environment that affect The Coca-Cola Company. The green influence of today’s marketing condition will likely impact the company on a recycling issue. The competitive market will also have a huge impact on the Coca-Cola Company. Pepsi is a strong competitor to Coke and pushes them to stay ahead in their perspective market.

Technology will impact the Coca-Cola Company in the upcoming years with a stronger push to create a recyclable product instead of the currently used plastic bottles. The physical environment condition has concerned companies looking at ways to prevent waste and use the efforts to push their product forward in advertising. This new technology must be cutting edge if a company intends on staying competitive. Ethical and social responsibilities are both key factors in running a successful business in a domestic market or on a global scale. Treating business issues, transactions, and coworkers equally and ethically can lead to business growth and expansion. Opposite actions will produce opposite results. Social responsibility and strong pure ethical values are respected in business and used as well to market a company to other possible consumers.

Marketing conditions and fluctuations are greatly impacted by the ever-changing marketing environment. Political environmental and changing inter market conditions impact and affect the market consistency and growth domestically and globally. There are many factors that can affect the marketing conditions of a product or service. By having an understanding of what issues impact and dictate market fluctuations, consumers are empowered to make better choices and understand why changes are made in markets.

People should understand the conditions that affect global and domestic markets

Education of why the market conditions change should be taught at all levels of education

Market conditions are effected by consumer actions, Consumers having an understanding of this information should be a critical point to focus on in business

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