Essay on How the International Society has Changed Over the Years

Essay on How the International Society has Changed Over the Years

As we know, the society, people, culture and in general the world has changed according to the need of development that people have seen. Through the centuries we can see many examples of this process of transformation in the world, but for me the creation of the European Union is fundamental, because it shows that the development of new ways of government, economy and politic takes a process and, more important, has influence or repercussion in other societies. It is clear that its creation and implementation was not a process that started only in 1993 with the establishment of this organization, but since the end of the Cold War, and it was a long process. What’s about the development and implications in the world nowadays?
The European Union was born with the aim of finishing the conflicts between neighbors at the end of the Second World War, the first step to achieve this purpose was the creation of the European Coal and Steal Community, the states members were Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Then The European Economic Community (EEC) or Common Market was established which in 1993 was renamed as European Community created with the purpose of an economic integration with a single market.

During the year of the increasing influence, benefits and changes that this community bring to the society, more and more countries felt the need of being part of them like Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland and Sweden, but this do not stop because nowadays the European Union has more than twenty members and many more countries are waiting to be part of them.

But, what were its implications in the region and in the world? At the very beginning the member of the community agreed for taking control in the food production, as consequence of this decision they achieved a great agricultural production that was the basis of its economic development, which allows them to begin to transfer huge amounts of investment for creation of new ways of employment and infrastructure in the poorest zones, with the aim of being a equalitarian society.

By the growing of this community, the parliament increases their influence through the countries. The strictest requirements to trade was eliminated so the flow of goods, services, people and capital was easy and practic. Gradually was allowed the free travel without the presentation of any passport in the borders. Thousands of youth people could study with the help of the European Union. So we can analyze that the European Union has many good aspects like the efforts to reduce the climate change in the current problem of the environment. Also, they established a system that protect and regulate clean production. With the use of a single currency (EURO) in the whole Europe was promoting an economic stability that pointed to an equal growing, not matter culture, government and these specificities as country.

As a conclusion I can say that creating this kind of economic blocks are the solution to the poverty, wars and conflict , because the union between neighbors countries force them to joint together with the purpose of development. They began to fight for its progress as a society or community, for me is really interesting the point of Make first, a strategic alliance with neighboring countries with whom they have things in common and then, the country can think about establishing partnerships with foreign countries or other continents. And finally as an advice I can say that we must be careful before these great powers invade our markets without any backup.