Essay on My Experience Collecting Money for Poor Children

Holding a red box, wearing a bright red ribbon and standing in the passing by people trying to open your mouth but the glue seemed tied the up and down lips firmly, feeling that you were an isolated island in the people sea. ,this is exactly what I encountered when I first collected money for the poor children.

The activity is hold by Hubei Education Department, to inform more people to concern and care for the poor students in Hubei mountainous area and collect money to improve their studying condition. When the head teacher told the class that we would go to street and persuade people to donate money to the children, I am pretty excited and recommended myself to make the money box( for donation). The day is coming. After saying good bye to other groups we are standing in front of the Shuiguohu post office. As here is where provincial governments stand, people around are usually civil servants and university students. The small size shopping mall also attracts many people’s attention. People passing by, but none of us open our mouths. I repeated the words I prepared before by heart, and my eyes tied firmly followed the person in front of me until he walked away. “To be or not to be- that is the question” After standing 5 minutes, I decided to break the silence. Yes, don’t be shy, just try. The adage I used in studying English can also be used here. I calmed myself and looked around. A woman who is about 40 years old and looked kind is lightning with shine of diamond in my eyes. After a deep breathe, I hold the leaflet walked towards her in 5 group members’ staring. First, I requested her to stop for a moment politely and handed her the leaflet “Smile! Smile!” I whispered to myself. Fortunately, the woman paused and listened to me. I showed my identity first and told her about the meaning of the collection. My speaking is fluent but paused sometime to show the importance. Then she asked some questions like the organization department and the reason to collect money. After my answers, she takes out the wallet and put 15 Yuan in the money box. In contract to embarrassment and shame I had felt first, the joy of achievement and the excitement of helping people with my own hand. It is much simpler than I imagined. I said thanks to the woman and send my first custom with non- twisted smile on my face The others greatly infected by my successful experience and started their journey.

In half an hour, the number is only 72 Yuan which is not good. Some people just walked away, some said they are not available, most just put one or two coins into the box and a few thought we were frauds. The discarded leaflets just liked pink leaves slightly move and chase the wind. I just picked it up and walked to another potential contributor. It’s 2:30 pm in July. The temperature is 36 degree. Two boys, just standing aside, are thirsty and exhausted looked soaked through. I feel the same, but the desire to help children and the confidence before support me to continue trying. I walked across the street to find a new prey. Some bank clerks are busy persuading people to try their credit card in the door of the shop. How about cooperating with bank clerks? We can use the crowd they gathered to ask people to donate instead of find people to ask. The clerks can have more people to help. We also can be more convinced. After communicating with the manager, we have a stronghold. The new strategy made the whole procedure easier than before. We seemed more convinced since when standing with rich bank. Just in 2 and half hour 700 Yuan is in the belly of money box. We voice changed from singing lark to the broken drum, but the sweet smile in my face still influences people around.

As a 13-year-old girl, I started to realize that I can pass my concern, my dream to the world because I devote the passion to them. My speech, my smile, my strategy with determination, passion and confidence are the best ways to show myself. This donation with my sweat gives me the confidence. The pleasure I got is much more than 700 Yuan. This is the start of my determination to change .I concerned the staff around the world and observed problems around myself. In 2008, I organized 15 students to visit orphans in Wuhan Children's Welfare Institute. After spending 2 hours with them, the shy kids talk to me like a big sister. We discuss interesting friends around us, dealt with hard math problems and read novels together. My future will have many possibilities, but my goal is clearer and easier when I’m a dream chaser with great passion, confidence and determination.