Essay on the Need to Stop Exporting Jobs

Many sports fans and athletes across the world are very familiar with the company Nike. Everyone that is evolved around sports knows the commercials, the superstars shoes, and then of course their symbol. What is the most interesting part of Nike is that for being an American company,; they produce all their products outside the American borders. As many Americans know, jobs and money are hard to come by in the present economy, present today, therefore it seems very hard to comprehend this idea of such a distinguished American company to have all their products made in other countries when those jobs are so desperately needed right here at home. Even with the job issue in America, there is a greater problem in other countries that United States imports products from. Countries like China, India, and Pakistan are just to list a few. These countries supply the cheap and unjust labor that American companies use to make a vast amount of income. Nike is unfortunately one of many countries companies that are known to use these countries for labor. In these countries, there is so much turmoil and despair that the only income a family can come up is the cruel conditions of sweat shops where they are practically enslaved and children are pulled from school to work to make products that are exported to America. For American consumers all that is known when purchasing an item is that it is made in China, a typical shopping experience for an American. The ones to blame though are not the American consumers, it is the country involved with making the product and American companies that need to hold standards up higher, not only in their products, butbut also in the way the labor force is treated while making the product.
People would argue that the United States is very giving country, often trying in any way possible to affect change in countries that do not have very much. The Untied States gives third world countries jobs then and by creating jobs, those countries can give people jobs which gives earns them money. A person who can works, for an American company, in production in a foreign country would make “…about $1.20 a day in wages”, states thea fact from the article "Child Labor and Sweatshops (sidebar)” web (1). This does not sound like much for some one in the United States, but for people in other countries it means something on the dinner table. Others will argue that the United States gives people jobs and money to help support other countries and that today there are regulations involved to help einsure that the work places for these people are safe and that they are being treated right. Where as inThis is in contrast to the past where people working in the factories where beaten, worked long hours, and kids as youngold as five where working. “In October 1996, the labor Department released the results of a survey on child labor industry. The report found that 36 of 42 of the largest U.S. retailers had established codes of conduct for their suppliers that prohibited child labor” (“Child Labor and Sweatshops,” 1). Even though it seems that things are changing, labor in other countries due to American companies is still not right. Children are still being put to work instead of going to school and the conditions that people are working with, such as long hours, little money, and no breaks being treated like slaves, have not changed..
Every day thousands of jobs are being sent over seas by the United States to foreign countries, such as like China. For Americans, when seeing the “made in China” sticker, most Americans don’t stop to consider what was done to make this product. Many of the well known products that are being sold in America were imported. Most of the products came from American companies that are located outside the United States. These companies are located outside the country because of the less expensive cost of labor. What the companies benefit in cheap labor, the workers loses out in on fair and established labor laws, which makes the American companies and the governments of those at countriesy responsible for the work place. In most of the countries America outsourcesgives jobs to, the people are poor and will take any job no matter what the conditions are. John Miller statesin his articl, e "Nike to the rescue? Africa needs better jobs, not sweatshops” states, “The alternative jobs available to sweatshop workers are often worse…Sweatshops don't just fail to rescue people from poverty”in his article titled "Nike to the rescue? Africa needs better jobs, not sweatshops” (Miller, 15). Some Most of thosee alternative jobs could be things likeare prostitution and even families selling their own children into servitude. One of the worste parts is thatare these people are so poor that they have to make everyone in the family, including children, work in the sweatshops. The country should look at the substitute working options and give their people more. It is obvious that their people want work and will do anything for it, so why not make more jobs with a higher amount of pay which could help keep kids away from the work force and then devise a fund to help support a school system in the country. None of this can happen when the people are making less then what is an average around the world. For example “In the country's factories that subcontract with Wal-Mart, the predominantly female workforce earns an average of just $54 a month. That's below the United Nations poverty line of $2 per day, and it includes regular forced overtime” (Miller 15). The work forces in foreign countries that produce products for the United States seem to put their people in a vicious cycle, where just barely making enough money to survive is what is enforced in those countries. Americans never know what it is like to work one day and only make two dollars a day. In these countries, Where people are working long hours and struggle to survive by making only two dollars a day and no one seems to notice them or care. It is not just Wal-Mart; there are many other companies that are seeing these people as just a cheap way to make an endless amount of money. If these companies would only look past the cheap labor and big profits and see what the workers jobs entailsinstills each and everyday, they would see that the harsh conditions and low pay just do not make the job civil.
Not only are most workers in foreign countries being paid very little for their efforts but most are working in some of the worst working conditions. Most are treated like slaves, working long hours with short breaks for just eating. Not only are the breaks short, but most are spent locked in a factory room that really has no safety. Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn from New York Times Magazine say that, “Some managers are brutal in the way they house workers in firetraps, expose children to dangerous chemicals, deny bathroom breaks, demand sexual favors, force people to work double shifts or dismiss anyone who tries to organize a union” (WuDunn and Kristof, 70). Theseis workplaces hardly seemseems hardly like the workplaces in America. In these countries, the lack of unions is really the down fall of their country. But America, in the Industrial Revolution, America went through harsh working conditions and someoften where even killed in the work place. Glenna Matthews wrote about the true tragedy that happened in America’s Industrial Revolution in her article "Industrialization," ,“Women crowded into a sweatshop on the top floors of the Asch building near Washington Square Park had been locked in by their supervisors as a measure against theft, and when a fire broke out, 146 of them died--burning to death or jumping in desperation out of eighth-to-tenth-story windows”(Matthews, 1). For some reason though, the United States got through it with the help of unions and strong American companies arising. T Well in the foreign countries today, that produce Americans goods, are going the same thing America did in the Industrial Revolution. However, tThere is still major difference between the two. Americans, in the time of the Industrial Revolution, hadve a big first world country constantly using them for cheap labor. Also, more was written about and exposed to the world when big disasters happened. Today most of what is big news, for example, an unjust sweatshop used to make American goods, is being hidden from the world just simplye through the lack of investigation. Companies seem to care more about how much money they make rather then the harm they are causing. The American government and countries like China should have an agreement and regulations in place to help make provide the workers who work for American companies have a safer and more humane environment to work in. With all that money being shipped outside America, it only seems fair that money should be set aside for kids to be able to go to school and not work. No kid should have the only option of going to work in a factory instead of achieving a better life by going to school. With money and better jobs for people working in other countries for an American company maybe then America will see that it is better to have some of their companies come back to the United States to help the with the economy.

It seems unfair to think of all the things that Americans consume that are were imported to the country, come from countries that have far less and whose people struggle to survive. In today’s economy in AmericaAmerican economy, America has had one of the greatest down falls since the Ggreat Ddepression. PThat people are losing their jobs, houses, and struggling to make payments. Before the crash in the stock market on September 6, 2008, no one seemed to complain about jobs being sent taken over seas cause wellbecause most people had a job and were able to make and spend money. From the March 2010 edition of Atlantic Magazine, Don Peck the writer of “How a NKnew Jobless Era Will Transformnsfer America” statesimposes that “The unemployment rate hit 10 percent in October, and there are good reasons to believe that by 2011, 2012, even 2014, it will have declined only a little” (Peck, 1). With all those people out of work in the United States, one wonders how many of those people could benefit from a job that is being shipped over seas. What makes things more difficult is the facts that most of these companies will absolutely not want to affect detract from their income, especially in the economy today. If these companies where to come back to the United States, at least the world and the workers would be protected, have safe working place, and have a reasonable amount offor pay. Paul Wiseman states, “Many economists say the Fed didn't have much choice — not with U.S. unemployment stalled at 9.6 percent, short-term interest rates already near zero and Congress refusing to spend more to jolt the economy” (Wiseman, 1). What Wiseman is referring to is that the government has made efforts to help people through the economy. The government is doing this by lowering interest rates and sometimes forgiving some debt, especially for banks. In this whole experience, the government might have seen that lending out money and borrowing money is what got caused the economy in a down fallto take a downturn. It is time for the government to change its ways of thinking and think about some of the things companies are doing that is affecting the people of the United States. “In September, the U.S. trade deficit with China amounted to $27.8 billion. That's just short of August's record high. And it exceeds the U.S. trade gap with the rest of the world combined” (Wiseman 1). This is how the United States could change. The United States is really affecting the whole world’s economy due to the continuous amount of borrowing. In turn,Then countries like China, who have the unjust labor conditions, can instead of focusing on lending vast amounts of money to the United States, they can focus on providing making their people have with better working places and jobs. They can focus on putting their future generation to school into learn and grow to and toinvent new technologies, instead of working at a factory with no future. If America where to change just that, then many more countries would be able to get out of being a third world country and maybe into one day a first world country someday.
Americans know the success and what it means to be a first world country. They also know what it is like to have big American industrial companies like Nike. What they seem to be blind to is all the affects of what a company like Nike can cause in a foreign a country and the affects on its people. In places like China, many of its workers struggle day by day to help support their families and to survive. They have no other option but to work in such harsh conditions with little breaks and very little money just so that products are cheaper in the United States. Then, it also not only causes harm to the countries supplying America but also America itself with the lost of jobs. America gets caught up in the unforgiving cycle of using the cheap labor instead of using its own countries labor. One day those things will have to change because one day countries like China will not want to make products for American companies; China might want the United States to be the ones making products for them.

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