An Essay on Othello - A Play by William Shakespeare

Othello Essay

What is love? Love can be described as a feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preeminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness. When you love someone, sometimes you are willing to do anything for them no matter the cost including sacrificing the things most important to you. When love prevails it can more likely than not overcome the obstacles in life. There are always minor conflicts when it comes to love and Desdemona chooses to sacrifice the relationship she has with her father because she wants to be with the man she loves. As seen in Romeo and Juliet, the children had their own idealistic expectations of love and it happened to clash with their parents’ concept of dynastic family arrangements. They were willing to sacrifice their own lives to be together. As well, in the novel “A Tale Of Two Cities” Lucie proved to be a very loyal wife to Darnay by ignoring all that was said and holding true to her husband. In each of these instances, the consequences were obvious and taken into consideration. However, they were consequences that all would live with given the option. “My life and education both do learn me how to respect you. You are the lord of my duty. I am hitherto your daughter. But here’s my husband” Desdemona shows no fear towards her father and his opinion when it comes to her devotion to Othello.

Firstly, When Brabantio expresses his feelings about the witchcraft he suspects, not only does Othello say enough to convince that his intentions are honest, but Desdemona defends him and explains her loyalty to him, just as her mother did for Brabantio. Secondly, “blacks were often associated with monsters.” However, in this case Brabantio seemed to be the only one who saw Othello in that light and assumed immediately that he had Desdemona under some sort of spell. The only spell she was under was his love. Thirdly, being completely consumed, she disregarded her father’s animosity even after he threatened to disown her and chose to live her life the way she wanted, with the man she wanted. Therefore, Desdemona had no problem proving her dedication to the one that mattered.

If Brabantio was not willing to see his daughter happy, regardless of whom it was with, then she would not concern herself with his discontent. Romeo and Juliet, the ultimate love story, shows exactly how far some will go in order to be happy. After a brief meeting, Romeo and Juliet fall into a forbidden love. "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love And I'll no longer be a Capulet." To begin with, their families are expressed as nothing less than enemies and somehow they find themselves caught up in a complex love affair causing them to choose between each other and their families. Never the less, they choose each other and begin not only the dispute that would come from their parent’s, but also controversy between the two families as neither agree with the choice. In turn Juliet gets the idea to escape all the stress and takes a potion that will make it appear as though she dead until Romeo arrives. Instead, Romeo get the news that Juliet is dead and decides that since he can’t be with the one he loves, there is no longer a point to life. Consequently, once Juliet realizes what has happened she takes Romeo’s dagger and kills herself. They made a decision to be together and when that was no longer an option, death became the only answer. Lucie Manette proves to be a very loyal wife to Darnay throughout all of his issues, but not without struggle with her father.

To start, he is uneasy about giving his blessing and suffers a relapse while they are on their honeymoon. Lucie is aware of all the people who think Darnay is bad news but she never fails to support him. She follows her fiancé to where he is imprisoned and stands at the corner everyday for two hours. At the same time, she shows her commitment and does everything in her power to make things better for him, regardless of what others think of him. With this in mind, Lucie is not the only one known to show the extreme measures that some are willing to take for the ones they love, Sydney Carton is also a prime example. He went as far as to put someone else’s happiness before his own. Sydney understood that Lucie was devoted to and loved Darnay, and decided that he would sacrifice himself so that she could be happy. Love sure can make you do crazy things, and in Sydney’s case it was worth it. Desdemona sacrificed her entire relationship with her father and defended the man she loved because she knew his intentions were true. Romeo and Juliet believed that all they would ever need was each other and if they could not have that, they had nothing. In other words, they had nothing to lose. Regardless of what anyone thought of Darnay, Lucie would stand behind him all the way with her devotion. These relationships proved to be more than puppy love and irresponsible choices, as everyone stuck to the decisions made no matter the consequence.

Most of the time, parents can determine who is right or wrong for their child, but sometimes their idealistic relationships are completely different to what the child is looking for. Guidance is great because we can be led astray, despite the wisdom, we usually learn the best from ourselves and our experiences. Knowing who is worth fighting for given the consequences is what teaches us what we should be looking for in life. All things considered, if you are willing to sacrifice your family, who should always be behind you, then obviously you have a reason for believing the one you choose will all be worth it in the end.