How to Write a Good Introduction for Your Papers

How to Write a Good Introduction

What is an introduction?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia defines the definition as “the act of introducing or fact of being introduced” . Thanks to this definition, we understand that introducing a law essay might mean exposing the subject to the reader.

The introduction is the first part of your essay. The introduction aims at introducing your research. It is an important part in the essay because it is the first impression about your work for the reader. It is the first and the most important impression. In a kind of way, this part can be considered as the most important one: the reader refers constantly to the idea or the theory exposed in the introduction insofar as it is the key to understand the body.
To get a good introduction, it’s recommended to write it at the end, when both the body and the conclusion are written. Indeed, it’s only at the end that you have a general view on your research. You have all the elements in your mind to expose in a short way your theory to the reader. Moreover, the purpose is to avoid repetition because you know what it is in your body, which arguments and which ideas. You can better delimited the subject and explain it with both a general view and a specific view.

Which part do you have to find in an introduction?
In others word to begin, the introduction has to:
-present the subject, it could be with an example
-define the important words
-present the hypothesis
-describe how the body is organized

How to do it:

In the introduction, you write about the subject and the hypothesis. You must not answer the hypothesis. The difficulty is to introduce a subject without writing about the subject. It is not a body where you can explain your arguments. It just a first step before to develop a point of view. It is just a presentation of your work.

To do a good introduction, the first lines have to present the subject in a general point of view. The reader understands what your subject is about. You can introduce the subject with an example, a citation and a proverb, a historical or economical context. It depends of your topic.
For example, we choose to talk about “Counterfeiting and the law in Europe”. In this subject, the reader understands that we want to write about counterfeiting in a European law context. It is a large subject. It is the general subject.
Then after finding the general subject, with my group, we work with each other to find a hypothesis. We ask us several questions. For example: Who the subject concerns? Which countries? Why choose this position? We choose to limited the subject to company. How companies do to fight against counterfeiting? All the questions bring to the hypothesis.

In the example the hypothesis could be “Because of the lack of consistency between European countries, each company has to fight individually against counterfeiting.”

So, after presenting the subject you have to write about the specific view. You have to present your hypothesis. After present your hypothesis, you have to explain what you want to say, how and why. You can choose aspects what you want explore or not. You need to explain why you prefer to write about one part or not. In other words, you must justify your choice, the limits given to the topic.

For example in the hypothesis: “because of the lack of consistency between European countries, each company has to fight individually against counterfeiting”, we choose to write about counterfeiting and how company can fight against it. We take a position. We present a position and in our body we try to find solutions, to explain our position in several arguments. For example, we can choose to make a part in the body about regulations, law or cases. We can decide to compare law in several countries. If it is the same protection, which one could be better?

Then, at the end of your introduction, you have to announce the organization of your essay. You have to explain in several parts your work, it has to be clear. Each part stands for a main idea. But this aspect will be treated in the next part.

To conclude, the introduction is worthy of attention. If the introduction is good the reader feels interested in the rest of the paper. The introduction represents ten percent of your essay for example if you have an essay of ten pages; you must to write one page of introduction. You have to be discerning and convincing in this step. Try to do your best to convince the reader. It is very important impression for the rest of the paper.