Impact on Copyright and Legal Market from Internet Music

Impact on copyright and legal market from internet music

Since the 21th century, internet has been broadly developed and used in our common life. Nowadays, huge amount of amusement elements that are free can be found on the internet. And the seriously following problems like music copyright appear. Music, as we all know, is an essential part of people’s life in modern society. And in the past decades, most of people buy them in form of tape or CD. However, it seems everything has changed now. More and more people start to download free music from the internet instead of buying a copyrighted version. This phenomenon is making destructive effect to the revenue of singers and survival of some record companies. The phenomenon is difficult to retrieve because as a long-term hidden trouble, it is hard to imagine how severe it is.

The first cause of overflowing uncopyrighted music is the late caution of related

The second key point is that people who are downloading music from the internet did not realize that they constitute copyright infringement.


Some people may say why the report companies did not try to go to law against the website or enterprises that allow the spread of illegal free music and get benefit from the network flow. However, it is much more complicated than people expect to be like. First, the website cannot stand the loss of decreasing web hits. On the other hand, the free music is flowing almost all over the internet so that companies cannot concentrate enough energy and capital upon these cases.

Furthermore, lot of people might be strongly opposed to the prohibition of free music. As a result, singers belong to record companies that go to court will be defeated and ridiculed. Thus, people should find new way to develop the official music markets and we should consciously avoid constituting copyright infringement.