The Impact of Facebook on Students

The Impact of Facebook on Students

With the development of internet, people are intend to create the information on their own. They want to share where, and what they are doing with friends. Also, they want to know where,and what their friends are doing. So Facebook appeared. People can post their thoughts, pictures, on the wall and receive the comment from their friends. Students became the most powerful proponents of Facebook. And here comes up the problem: Does Facebook has a good effect on students? The answer is no. Here are the three reasons.

First of all, using Facebook always takes a lot of time. The greatest motivating factor for a student to use Facebook is to connect to each other, to socialize. We are living in a world where are wired 24 hours without a break.There is little or even no “down time” for us. As a student, who need to go to the class for almost 8 hours a day, if he or she keep using the Facebook after class to socialize means they have no time to take a good rest. This will cause the students loose their concern during the class. Also, lack of sleep is bad for their health. Also, teens are increasingly turning to making friends and building relationships online, and spend tons of time on a relationship even both of them have never met each other. Socialization skills in teens are best learned in real life. Teens are far too inexperienced to use social networking websites to make friends and build relationships in a healthy and safe manner online.

Second, to the students using Facebook there is false sense of privacy. Since we can post anything we want to say on the Facebook, many students post a lot of embarrassing,humiliating and hurtful content in text, photo and video. Those behaviors called “Cyber Bullying”. And there are more and more teens’ suicide blame on this. Besides, Facebook requires the user to use their real name as their Facebook user ID, and everyone need to fill out the profile. And all those things can be seen by everyone. In other word, The student, who has a Facebook account, means he or she has no privacy.

Third, the scams in Facebook should be concerned. Our students, though very knowledgeable about using technology, are often naive and easily manipulated. Asimple example is a scam that hit Facebook users late last fall. May teens had their accounts phished and phishers sent out post from those accounts to their friends that said “OMG!There are some photos of you on this website”, along with a link to the website. The website showed hazy photos in the background that were hard to make out and appeared to be somewhat pornographic. A popup told the visitor they would have to register for an account in revealing a lot of personal information about themselves in this scam. According to this case, we can see that teenagers are easy to be controlled even though they don’t want to admit it.

Although Facebook is probably the best invention of the decades,It allows people can communicate with each other anytime, anywhere, it still has a lot of negative effects on people, especially the teens. Since teens usually lack of ability to judge, using Facebook frequently may still have a a lot of potentially hazardous.