A Lament for Quality Essay

A Lament for Quality Essay

If one really thinks about the value of education in every country, it will definitely seem that education sometimes is more important than other things. Education should proceed first before anything else. Giving the absolute priority for education can have good benefits that can affect individual whether they are young or old, it can also effect the society’s developments and accomplishments, as well as ensuring a safe future for next generations. Post secondary education is very valuable because it determines the fate and future of the next generations, whether it is good or bad. This is a very logical question that makes people think and get ready for the future. In the article A Lament for Quality Ann Dowsett touches on some important points when it comes to education levels. Such as universities and colleges’ tuitions, heading elsewhere to get better education, and comparing Canadian universities and colleges to others.

A well educated individual can definitely cause positive developments on our Canadian society. These developments can be related to many different things such as: health, technology, and geology. Also, a well educated public can help explore and even invent new things that can solve serious and critical problems that our society is facing nowadays. These developments can be accomplished having a well educated public and a very good system of education that the students can trust. In the article, A Lament for Quality, the writer has mentioned how the health systems in our society completely depends on a very well educated public which is a very main and focal reason of why government should think carefully about the post secondary education systems that they do before making any critical changes to it. Also, these accomplishments can get many minds to thinking about how valuable education is.

Education should get the highest priority because it can stop or help prevent people from leaving Canada to find a better place that satisfies their needs when it comes to good level of education. It the article, A Lament for Quality by Ann Dowsett, has mentioned how mothers feel when their sons or daughters have no choice except to leave the county looking for a better education. Now days, people are considering to leave Canada and go to the United states of America or somewhere else to continue their post secondary education. Another factor that should be thought about is why people consider leaving out country is not only to look for a better education level, while considering the admission averages of different universities and colleges at the mean time . From a personal experience, what is happening is that universities and colleges are raising the averages up which make it more difficult for the student to decide on which college or university to apply to. Education is valued highly by many people nowadays because universities and colleges are looking for high averages so they guarantee the huge success and accomplishments that prospective students are going to accomplish.

If our country can make education a high priority, lots of people from all around the world will not only value it highly, but also may consider applying to a Canadian college or university. This way, not only the students will benefit for themselves, but also the Canadian society will be able to take a very great advantage of these students who may accomplish a huge success in the future. This is also another advantage of making education a higher priority in the Canadian society.

Good education is highly valued to students especially who will decide to look for an area of interest that they can be successful in, so in the future they can be so proud by what they may accomplish. The only reason that universities and colleges are making it more difficult for students to get the admission is because they only want the students with very high averages, so they can be confident that they have put their society’s needs in a good and safe hands. Another reason is to be sure that those students will benefit their societies and individuals as well. Education is highly valued by students nowadays. Getting a great level of education is very meaningful for prospective students because it determines their fate in the future.