Language in the United States - Paper on the Essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua

Language in the United States - Paper on the Essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua

Immigration has a long history in the United States, it is definitely credit as the United States became one of the most successful multi-ethnic nation in modern history. All men are created equal, this idea was brought up by the United States at the very beginning of America history, which is also the reason why countless people want to immigrate to the United States. They believe life would only be better after they come here because opportunities are given to each people according to personal ability and achievement. Our society is formed three major dimensions, which are communication, civilization and technology. Language takes a significance impact on communication. People can communicate through picture, act and sign-language, but language is always the fastest and the most direct way to express meaning, share feeling and so on. Language is a fundamental complement in society, not surprisingly, it could cause lots of difficulties and inconvenience if you do not know a main language of a country.

Non-English speakers are being punished, discriminated and shunned in an English language country like the United States and the United Kingdom. “I remember being caught speaking Spanish at recess- that was good for three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler” (Anzaldua 2950), the author holds a great passion toward her home culture, hence she is angry.

In the essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, the author Gloria Anzaldua is born in a poor immigrated family. Many people believe Life would be better, richer and fuller after they immigrate to the United States; many of them even take chances to come here illegally. American dream become true to some of them, while there are still part of those immigrants happen to remain poor and struggle in poverty. The author writes most of her literatures in a very unique way whereas she writes in both Spanish and English. The way she writes creates certain challenges, irony and lead to deeper thinking to mainstream reader like non-bilingual reader, on the other hand, this type of writing style hides even more implicate concepts than we ever think it would have. At the same time, this writing style shows that the author is proud of her home culture. Non-bilingual reader would be uncomfortable and even daunted by the way she writes more or less. The audience experience being confused as well as forcing to comprehend another foreign language.

In the essay, the author also writes about other Chicano speakers that are raised in the same area are able to switch from two different languages quickly, and they speak very well and flown English. One issue that is worth to mention about is Self Identity. Not only in the United States, there are lots of people enduring hardships due to distinguishing languages in different countries today, such as China, German and especially Japan. The author states a very interesting idea in the middle of the essay, which is Chicano are not distinguish by where they live but the race. The argument the author suggests actually bring up a bigger topic, what is the definition of America? Immigrant children are being punished by speaking their own language. A teacher even warned the author when she was a child that “if you want to be American, speaks English. There is nothing wrong to speak another kind of language. “By the end of this century English, and not Spanish, will be the mother tongue of most Chicanos and Latinos.” (Anzaldua 2051), in the author’s mind, English will be replaced by Chicanos and Latinos sooner or later.

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