My Experience in the National Honor Society

High school can be one of the biggest learning experiences of any ones life. You learn who your friends are, what’s important in life and how to make the best of any situation. High school students have the pressure of schoolwork, adolescence and home life to focus on. However, some students who excel in those areas also stand out in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Those four specific subjects are apart of the National Honor Society organization. This organization is used to show people that there are students who care about themselves, but also about the people in their community. A handful of students from each high school around the country are chosen each year to submit an essay, along with other forms filled out, to be accepted into the National Honor Society. I am honored to be one of those students in the handful from Union Springs High School to be chosen to write an essay to the National Honor Society comity at our school through this specific criteria.

Achieving scholarship is very important because having good grades is very important to me. I know that having good grades will get me into a good college, which means that I will have a better chance of getting a fulfilling education. I have been on high honor for most of my high school career. I missed high honor roll by .53% two years ago. However, honor roll is still a great accomplishment. I have gotten the highest average award in Spanish ninth and tenth grade. I have passed all of my regents’, finals, and midterms with flying colors. Not only in school have I done well, but also through sports. For softball, I was on varsity when I was in ninth grade. I worked so hard during that season that at the end of the year, I was voted ‘Rookie of the Year’ by my coach. Also for volleyball, I was voted team captain in ninth grade. This was a great achievement because my teammates voted for me to be captain. Therefore, my teammates trusted me to lead the team to a victorious season. Having good grades is one of the most important things to me in life, besides my friends and family. Good grades could get me a scholarship into college, but I know that playing sports and doing extra-curricular activities gets me a better chance of getting noticed by a big college. Nevertheless, my academics are the most important aspect in my high school life.

With leadership comes a challenge in which I am always willing to take. Every January and June, I have a study party at my house. So it isn’t much of a party, but we sure get a lot of studying done. I decided to do this in ninth grade when I thought that I was going to bomb my biology regents in June. However, I invited five other people over to my house to study, and one of those people was Dylan Willis. Because I kind of forced him to study, he passed the regents. He was the only student since Mr. Bona has been teaching to ever fail the class the whole year and pass the regents. Last year, I tutored Mike Tratt. He was getting fifties in biology all year long until I started helping him. Every fourth period, we would go to the guidance office and I would help him understand the revolution of biology more. He got in the seventies the next report card, which was a huge improvement. Mr. Bona acknowledged that the fact of me helping Mike, which was an honor in my part. Also, in ninth grade, I tutored Casey Bacon. Although she didn’t show up much, whenever she did, we always got a lot accomplished. Another spot where I took leadership in was with Spanish club. This year, our former president, along with many others, decided not to come back. I took that role in being president and I am currently helping Mrs. Schapira along with the club. Being a leader is an essential role for any person to have in their society.

Character is something that I have worked on since I was young. When I was younger, people got the vibe that I was a mean person, therefore, that was what I was. However, after the passing of my mom just a few years ago, I have realized that life it too short. When you get an opportunity, go for it and go for it head first. The past few years, I have changed my appearance, my attitude and my train of thought. I am nicer to people, I have a lot more friends now, my appearance isn’t so tough and my mind isn’t always in revenge mode. I have learned, not only through my mom passing away, but through my high school opportunities that having a good character is what everyone needs. It isn’t what brand of clothes you wear, what stores you shop at or anything like that, it is how you present yourself and act around others.

Service is something that I tend to jump onto no matter what. I feel that if someone doesn’t possess the talent or the ability you have, help them out. I often volunteer my weekends in the fall to helping the elderly clean out their gardens and do winterizing actions before the winter arrives. My mom always helped them before she died, so I feel like it is in my shoes to help them out. I also baby-sit more than any normal teen should. Last summer, I babysat every morning through evening for a family in need. During the summer of 2007, I also babysat for this family. I didn’t get paid nearly what I should have, but knowing that I did a good deed was a rewarding feeling. I have also spent many Sundays cleaning up rt. 326 with my softball team. We walk four miles in about two and a half hours with huge trash bags full of trash. However, when we are finally done and we drive by the clean product, everyone always feels a burst of satisfaction, well at least I do. When my brother was in the Southern Spring peewee football league, I woke up every Sunday at seven to cook breakfast for his team. The breakfasts were at the American Legend and all of the football member’s family was invited. It was usually a fun time and it was nice to see everyone enjoying a meal that you knew you cooked. I don’t just do service in my community so I can write it down on paper and show it to people. I do it because I feel that so many people in my community helped out my family after my mom died, I owe everyone a favor in helping them out when needed.

School has been the one thing that has kept me straight through the curvy path of life. My teachers, my peers and the schoolwork, not matter how stressful it might be, has kept me on my path to success. For the past three years, I have worked hard in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. I know who I am and what I can accomplish. Being accepted into the National Honor Society will show not only the school members, but also the community that a tragedy cannot prevent me from accomplishing whatever I set my mind to.