Nature of Logic and Perception Paper on Slavery

Nature of Logic and Perception Paper on Slavery

It seems like forever ago when it’s talked about which makes it seem even more unrealistic. I remember when I was just learning about it, I was naïve to the true facts. Slavery, here in the United States, “land of the free” how was I to believe that such awful things could happen to honest people. Slavery is a social-economic system under which certain persons known as slaves are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to perform labor or services (Wikipedia, 2008). This slavery happened in the United States between the years of 1914-1941 (Wikipedia, 2008). Black where held as slaves by white Americans and where demanded to do harsh labor either in fields of plantations or American family households. Though this slavery lasted for many many years they never stopped fighting for their freedom.

Slavery caught my attention from the get go. I was astounded to find that this so-called slavery actually happened. There was no possible way that people could have treated others in such matter. Aside from segregation soon after slavery, the blacks where still unequal and treated unfairly from everyone else. Seeing how now a day everyone is equal and there are now laws to prevent racism in public places like restaurants, it was legal to have slaves back then. It was also legal to treat them as you wish. How can anyone approve of this cruel behavior?

I thought slavery was cruel and unusual punishment no one should ever deserve. Things like it being against the law to teach Negro Slaves to read is unheard of in today’s society. Sure reading is a privilege to all, but it’s a necessity in life for children to learn how to read. We wouldn’t have it any other way but to see success in our youth. Back in days of slavery there where many grown men whom did not know how to read; and for some to have taught or attempted to teach them to read where considered criminals. The point is these slaves did nothing to deserve this type of behavior; the only thing against them was the color of their skin. Personally I strongly believe all should be equal. You should see a person not black or white skin, not a gay or straight person, not a male or female. You should only see a person with as much respect as one gives themselves. This is why my views of this whole new history that was unfolding before my eyes was far from reality.

I learned that to create a better future we much learn and accept the past. That is the only way we can all move on from any situation and this situation should be none different. As time has past we now see the United States of America, our country, being lead by either a women or a black man. When did we, as a nation, ever consider the odds? I am very thankful for how diverse this country has come to be. And I take in everything day by day and we truly are all becoming one. I have yet much to learn and I am glad to live and know where we stand today.

Through this critical thinking process I came across two different Perceptual Blocks. I found difficulty in isolating the problem, in the case where the individual is unable to separate the real problem from related problems (The Eclectic Web Matrix [TEWM], n.a.). As well as an inability to define the term; quite simply, if one does not understand the problem (TEWM). When I first came across the perception of slavery, for me it was unheard of at the time to segregate individuals as slaves because the color of there skin. Through the learning process I came to understand past beliefs and theories to present time’s beliefs. Culture in that time was new to diversity and acceptance to new and different changes. Society today looks forward to new and different changes like diversity and uniqueness in others and it’s because of our past. We move on and it’s something we should all be grateful for.

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