Political Agenda - From Movies Like Team America to Fahrenheit 911

Political Agenda - From Movies Like Team America to Fahrenheit 911

Being effective in furthering some discussion or political agenda needs many persuading techniques. While Team America is a comedy animation movie that shows a sarcasm world police that fight terrorism. The film Fahrenheit 911 is a documentary movie that shows an expose of what has happened to America since the September 11.Which of the films is more effective in furthering its political agenda? Fahrenheit 911 is more effective then Team America in furthering its political agenda because the former makes real portrays of political leaders while team America makes unreal portrays, shows real historical events and not fiction ones like Team America’s, and uses precise statistics that are absent in Team America movie.

Team America is a sarcastic over the top puppet action comedy movie, which talks about an anti-terrorist group from America that has a mission to save the world from terrorists led by Kim Jong-Il, and keep evil at bay. But Team America end up in the movie making more massive destructions then what the terrorists themselves was planning to do, such as destroying the Eiffel tower, the Sphinx, and the pyramids in Egypt. Parodying American patriotism, the movie tries to show the odd tactics of policing the world. Team America's caricatures are directed more at global stereotypes than at communities within America. The movie shows many famous actors and leaders in a sarcastic way such as Michael Moore, Kim Jong-Il, and many Famous Hollywood Stars. The movie tries to show the reality people are living in, in a sarcastic way.

Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 911 shows an insight on the false values and uncertainty of George Bush decisions, in starting a war on Iraq rather than trying to get the terrorists that made an attack on September 11 2001. Moore also shows the surprising relation between the bin laden family and the former president George bush, questioning if the Saudi attack has been ignored, to be able to start a war on Iraq. Michael Moore also tries to unfold the truth for the Americans that their country is headed in the wrong direction. He uses many editing techniques, such as the mix of words, and the serious tone and images, to make the movie more persuasive. The main idea of the film, is to show what America has been going through the last few years, such as the election night in 2000, and the September attack on 9/11.

Fahrenheit 9/11 shows and portrays real political leaders, while team America portrays unreal ones, making the former more effective in furthering its political agenda. The way Team America presents the leaders is more sarcastic, making none-persuading political agendas, like making Kim Jon IL a short President that have problems pronouncing the L “You don't use the WMDs untihr you see the signahr”, pushes people not to think of the main point of the film. However in Fahrenheit 911, Michael Moore gives good descriptions of the political leaders, such as the description of George Bush, showing his facial expressions after the 9/11 hit “Not knowing what to do, with no one telling him what to do, and with no secret service rushing in to take him to safety, Mr. Bush just sat there, and continued to read "My Pet Goat" with the children”.

Team America tries to persuade in humor while Michael Moore shows real historical event that complement his political agenda. Having historical events that happened and showing it again in a film is a great way of persuading the watchers on what Michael Moore is trying to address to the crowd. Examples of historical events is when Michael Moore was talking about the re-elections “in 200, he was running for re-election as senator from Missouri against a man who died the month before the election”

The Use of statistics is always a way to convince and prove some political agenda, and that is what exactly Michael Moore does in Fahrenheit 9/11, While team America has no statistics to talk about. Examples of such statistics are “Bush was on vacation for 42% of the time during his first 229 days in office.”