Preparation for College Writing Literacy Autobiography: Not Afraid

Preparation for College Writing Literacy Autobiography: Not Afraid

1. Revision
What is being revised?
Unawareness of butterfly effect in our lives. However sometimes it is a big deal.
What is the revision?
My experience of summer camp back to 2004 started a chain reaction that has a great impact on me and even become my source of confidence.

2. Arrangement
What is being arranged? / What is the arrangement?
Narration: My story and experience;
Contrast: My attitude to life after I joined the summer camp. Also I’ll provide my experience and situation after I gain the confidence.

3. Invention
What is being invented?
I use butterfly effect to explain why the summer camp is an essential source of my confidence.
What are the invention strategies?
Analyze memories to see connection + cause /effect

4. Delivery
Audience: classmates/instructor
Classmates: To those internationals, they may have had similar experiences and I want to encourage them. To American students, they may want to know why we internationals come here.
Medium: Paper, words and illustration.

5. Style
In this paper, I don’t use any slang or any complicated vocabulary. I mention the “butterfly effect” which belongs to physics concept, and however everyone knows it. So basically, this paper’s style is medium.

Not afraid
I’m a normal man in this world; I cannot give you much more than my personal experience. Therefore, I want to encourage those who have similar stories with me, we are not alone and we can walk through the storm and pursue happiness.

In Chaos Theory, it has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. A small difference in the initial condition of a dynamic system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. For me, it’s a true story. My living atmosphere and experience have affected me and made me what I am now.

I was kind of a phlegmatic boy, sometimes even lazy and not positive. I had a good temper, so I had good relationship with my friends and teachers. However, my attitude causes me to always stay in an awkward situation. Compared to normal students, I was a better one; when compared with top students, it seemed that I was not that excellent.

My situation didn’t change until I joined an international summer camp. From that experience; I gained not only a more fluent use of English but also a confidence about myself. It was the summer of 2004, which was my first time to live without my parents and relatives and even in a city that far away from my hometown. After registration, my father left me and went back. At that time, I didn’t know anyone around there and I totally had no idea what was going on and why I stayed here. Then I tried to talk to a child that looked easygoing; he was a white boy with brown hair and wearing a white t-shirt with a big Mickey Mouse.

“Do you like watching Disney cartoons?” I tried to ask.
“Of course I do! Which cartoon characters do you like best? I like Mickey.” He pointed at his t-shirt, excited.
“Oh really, my favorite one is Donald Duck and also his nephews, Dewey, Huey and Louie.”

After this pleasant conversation, we made friends and I discovered his name was Caleb and he was from Sydney, Australia. After that, we both were not lonely any more. We played video games together and ate together. During the nighttime, we even went to a small forest and had adventures or just lay on the grass, lifted up our eyes and counted the stars.

The summer camp is located in a university in Dalian. Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of beauty and comfortable beaches. Gardens and amusement parks are everywhere around the city. So during the weekend, we were organized to visit around the city. The first weekend, we went to Tiger Beach and played beach soccer. Soccer is one of my best sports; I played well and scored three goals and assisted twice. In the end, I led my team to win the game. After the game, I felt that actually I had the ability to lead a group, which means to some extent, I had leadership.

During the weekdays, children from different nations were mixed to have different classes, such as music class, traditional Chinese calligraphy and Kongfu. At the end of the summer camp, there was a speaking competition and I enrolled in it. On the that day I was too nervous to speak in public; however, when I was standing on the stage and looking into the audiences’ eyes, I was suddenly calm, I realized that these were wonderful people who taught me classes or had fun with me these past weeks. I could feel the encouragement and inspiring through their eye contact to me. I don’t remember what I said on that night; However, I was strongly gaining confidence through their silent encouragement and overcoming the shyness from the deep.

The confidence really changed me a lot and I started to have courage to speak in public. I was not the boy that used to be. After summer, when I was back at my school, I felt differences in my daily life. I could express myself clearly when I talked to others and was not afraid to point out their mistakes. I was not satisfy with the change and I started to campaign for the post of monitor. However, this is not a fairytale where an unhappy duckling grows into a beautiful swan in the end. I failed for the lack of experience; but I had left a strong impression on my teacher who was in charge of my class. After a few weeks, I was nominated to be the vice monitor of the class. At that time, all that looked like a dream and I felt great with the confidence, seeing the world of hope, color and positivity.

Also, I found another motivation to face difficulties and overcome them. I never met him but I listened to his song “Lose Yourself” every day during that time. Eminem wrote that you can do anything if you set mind to it and when you have one opportunity, you should capture it and never let it slip. I heard this song for the first time during my summer camp in Dalian and continued to listen to it afterwards. This song is also a source of my confidence.

From that time, I became really interested in the outside world. I wanted to experience a different culture when I entered the university. I told my parents about my plan and they supported me. After the tough preparation of applying for universities, I got several admissions, one from MSU. Then I thought Eminem was born in Detroit, Lansing is close to it, then I made my choice to come here to further my study.

Then I came to the US, it was amazing. However, I am not afraid to live in this brand new life. I know I am not lonely, there are so many foreigners who are far away from hometowns and chasing their dream right here. American students are also away from family and study in this beautiful campus. Last October, I applied and was chosen to be the ambassador of the Career Fair. The job was not hard; just providing the employers with snacks and beverages, answering students’ questions. However, I was glad to do that and it was my first time to be a volunteer in the US and basically I did it well.

This is my story. Does it seem like a butterfly effect? I joined the summer camp, then I gained the confidence from the English speaking competition and started to have an interest in the outside world, and also I heard the song “Lose yourself” for the first time. After that, I campaigned for the job of monitor and was elected to be vice, and all these experiences broadened my horizon and pushed me to have a dream to study abroad. Eminem is the essential factor for me to choose to study at MSU. The reason why I share my experience and story here and write an autobiography is I have this course in this beautiful campus. All these have no connection on the surface; however, they make me confident now.

This is my story; I hope everyone can be confident. Don’t be afraid and you are not alone; don’t hesitate and keep moving.