Self-Motivation and Education

Self-Motivation and Education

Education has been around since long before any of us were even born. It is presented, taught, and learned in many different ways. For some, it is one of the most difficult tools to obtain, but backed with a strong desire to succeed and a lot of self-motivation, the possibilities are endless!
Motivation for knowledge and education comes from our parents, our peers, our teachers and professors. It can also come from the internet, television, books and magazines. We see or hear something that sparks an interest and we want to learn more about it. However, on the flipside there are those of us who don’t have much desire or motivation to learn at all. We simply go through the steps because we are made to. No matter which type of person you may be, the type with the desire to learn or the one without, we all want to learn more about something. Maybe a car that you saw driving down the highway, an actor or actress from your favorite film, or maybe even something a bit more useful like furthering your education. Whatever the case may be we are always learning something, even when we’re not trying to.

Motivation by definition is the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something
(Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation). When we are motivated, learning a little more fun and maybe even a little easier because it becomes something we want to do rather than something we have to do. Malcolm X, in so many words, told us that one of his reasons for wanting to learn was another prisoners educated way of speaking, this man’s name was Bimbi and he was a key motivator towards X’s desire for knowledge (Saved Malcolm X 96). Looking up to or having admiration for someone’s intellect can be motivational as well. Other individuals thoughts and ideas can inspire us to move forward, to take that step in the right direction that we may have been afraid of taking had they not been there. Sometimes seeing what others have accomplished can awaken the drive inside all of us and help push to achieve our goals.

Once we find that one thing that we are passionate about or finally figure out what we actually want to do with our lives something inside of us comes to life. We suddenly have the courage, the drive and ambition that we need to motivate ourselves. We suddenly want to do the things that are important to us and to obtain the proper education that we need to succeed.

At age sixteen I dropped out of high school because, at that time, I was no longer able to suppress the abuse that had been going throughout my childhood and now into my teenage years. For a good portion of my adult life I didn’t think that my dropping out of school was really a big deal. I
was able to find jobs, pay my bills and get by. Over the years I began to realize that just getting by was not enough. I met someone very special who had a college education, a career, instead of just a steady job to get by on, and who was able to live comfortable life. A life where all of the bills could be paid and there was money left over to be saved and even extra to do with whatever they chose. This person was able to show me a whole new way of life, a life that I never thought possible. Soon, with the encouragement of this person I began to realize how much was out there and how much of life I was missing because I was too busy just getting by. Before long I began figuring out the things that were important to me, and the things I felt passionate about and I began setting goals. Next thing you know I was working towards those goals. At age 34 I finally got my GED and now at age 37 I am in my second semester of college and feeling like I am on top of the world for having coming so far. Had it not been for the great deal of motivation that started with this dear friend and mentor I may have never taken that first step. I will forever be grateful to this person for all of their support then and now.

Finally I understand how truly important education is. Yes you can get by without it and some are even fortunate enough to lead very prominent lives. But for myself I have come to the conclusion that knowledge truly is power and that it holds the key that opens the door to all that is in store for me. Since the start of my journey I have been able to gain a small amount of courage and confidence which are two things that I have struggled to have all of my life. And although I will probably always struggle with them at least I can rest assured that they grow stronger every day. My self-motivation has skyrocketed and I am able to push myself towards all of the goals that I have set. When I am feeling discouraged and overwhelmed I now have the ability to build myself up enough to keep pushing forward.

If we truly believe in the goals that we set forth and the dreams that we have, then with the right amounts of dedication, discipline, and devotion combined with self-motivation and a strong educational background we should be able to not only reach our goals but to exceed them. In doing so our possibilities are limitless!