A Short Essay on What I Learned in Business Management

I’ve learned so much in the past ten weeks, stuff to prepare me for my future in business management.

I know that to make a great manager you need good communication skills. It takes more than just a smile to run a business, and run a business the right way. It takes a team to do a good job, not just any team but a team that actually works together.

If I ever get a chance to be in the management role, I’m going to be a great leader as well as a manager. Leading my team for success is my goal. I reaize that it takes a lot more than just the name to manage a business, it takes leadership, integrity, self-respect and knowledge. When I do get the role of manager, I can look back and think of this class that has helped me be a better leader.This course has affected me for the better in my personal, school and professional development.

Leading is my thing, I want to be a great leader and change the ways of managers everywhere. I’ve had my share of bad management and I want to stop that. If I become a manager I plan to lead, do more than just make sure everything is going okay. But to make sure my employees are comfortable and know what is needed of them. Leading is having a vision, a vision to change and motivate others towards my vision.

Also my communication skills have broadened, like to ask questions to make sure that the other party understands what I am talking about. Body language will show me if they understand or not, if someone is fidgety or yawning I know that I need to get their attention as soon as possible.

I would like to thank my professor. You were a great teacher and I pray that I have you as a teacher again in another class.