Sociology Perspective Paper: Heroes Season One - Good vs Evil

Sociology Perspective Paper

“Save the Cheerleader Save the World” is one of the most popular catch phrases used today. This comes from a serial sage called Heroes. This saga is about many different people from all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change will affect their lives. This cast is made up of many different people with many different backgrounds.

Isaac Mendez is a junkie who has the ability to pant the future when he is high. Nikki Sanders is a Las Vegas showgirl who does things that are mysteriously connected with mirrors. Hiro is a Japanese comic book geek who can make time stand still and time travel. D.L., Nikki’s husband, can walk through walls. Mr. Parkman is a police officer that can read other people’s thoughts, which eventually leads him with the FBI to find a serial killer. Claire, the cheerleader, defies death throughout the show by being able to regenerate her body. Nathan Petrelli is a high profile senator who can fly. Peter Petrelli, a male nurse and Nathan’s brother, can absorb any of the other hero’s superpowers just by being in their presence. There is also a radioactive man who can explode or melt things when emotional. Last but certainly not least is Sylar, the villain of Heroes. Sylar can also take anyone’s powers by murdering them.

Sylar is an antagonist who wants to take over everyone else’s super DNA for himself. He is also the serial killer I mentioned earlier that the FBI is unable to stop. Slowly but surely Sylar figures out all the people that have these superpowers and try to take them out one by one. Even though Sylar has most of the powers he knows that if he can kill Peter he will have them all, because Peter possesses all powers. The whole story line will eventually be all the other superheroes trying to stop him from destroying the world.

There are people in these hero’s lives that are aware of their super natural powers, but do not tell them, because they know that if the world finds out it could bring them harm. Time and time again in each episode this fact was proven.

This saga has only been on for one full season, but in this time everyone has figured out his or her power and Sylar learned who they were. Peter has met everyone and absorbed their power. The biggest power that these two characters absorbed was the radioactive ability. This power is enough to explode and destroy a whole city. In an earlier show this past season Isaac painted a painting of New York being destroyed by an explosion. This painting will soon become focus of everyone’s life in order to save the world. With only two people processing the power to cause such disaster the focus is on Peter and Sylar. Nathan, the Senator of New York, learns of the possible fate of New York. He knows that if he is kept safe and this happens he can swoop in and be a hero for the city, even if it is at the stake of his own brother’s life.

Eventually all the heroes learn who each other are and team up to stop this catastrophe. In the beginning of course they think that it will be Sylar that will blow up the city, but they soon learn that this fate lies with Peter.

In the season finale all the heroes come together to New York to stop the unthinkable. They are all together when a showdown between Peter and Sylar occurs. In this struggle between the two Peter starts to become radio active, which means he could explode at any minute. Unexpectedly his brother, Nathan, shows up and flies Peter into the sky where they both explode and save New York along with all the other superheroes.

In this last episode all of the heroes were saved, including the villain Sylar. Throughout the season many new and young heroes were discovered which will lead to a very new and exciting approach next season.

The sociological conflict in this show is the ever-present on of good verses evil. The inner force of the individual characters is portrayed in a way that can easily be related to by the viewer. The everyday life situations lead the viewer to believe that these things could really happen. The Conflict point of view represents the good vs. evil drama and the need for good to prevail over the evil person or force. The villain in this sitcom is a strong force that is almost undefeatable. The theorists would most likely categorize this sitcom as a social conflict with a hint of symbolic internationalism. The Good symbols used are the ongoing fight to do what is morally correct for the time and situation. The social conflict is the ever-present ethical and immoral decisions and actions that take place throughout this show.

The entire program deals with issues that are fictional as well as a few current events thrown into the mix. Thus, giving the viewer an inside way to connect to the show on a personal level. The social structure of this program is one of an average large city’s society and the normal issues that are dealt with by individuals. The words that this show is and will continue to be famous for truly inspire the community and the world. They tell us to save they children and they will be our future. Without a future filled with inspired and morally healthy individuals, where will this world end up?

You say, “lets plan for our future”, I say “ Save the cheerleader, Save the World!”