The Tipping Point and Music Essay

The Tipping Point and Music Essay

Country music is a popular and important genre of music in today’s society. Songs from this musical genre can be categorized as love ballads, contemporary and relaxing songs, upbeat rocking, or danceable songs. The lyrics may contain comments which are relatable, adult themed, politically conservative, or sometimes controversial to different types of people. Country music has influenced most families through the relaxing atmosphere of the songs. The music is enjoyable to listen to when families with children are on long car trips. Country music has been around since the 1920s and has intensified in popularity through the media development of cable television networks and the overwhelming advancements made in musical technology throughout the years. (Wikipedia) Media Monopolies, the Social Learning aspect, and the Symbolic Interactionism theory have increased the success and incredible developments of Country music in popular culture for society.

Country music influenced the development of two cable television networks, and its own channel on Music Choice programs. Some people enjoy listening to their favorite songs or watching music videos while they exercise at home, which helped increase the popularity of music videos of the biggest country hits throughout the years. Country Music Television is an American country music-oriented cable television network and was launched on March 5, 1983. (CMT website) The network includes music videos, taped concerts, game shows, movies, and reality programs. Great American Country is a country music cable television network based in Nashville, Tennessee. The station launched December 31, 1995 and Garth Brooks' video "The Thunder Rolls" was the first video to air on GAC. (GAC website) Great American Country features more music videos throughout the day, special musical performances, and live concerts, when compared to the programming on Country Music Television.

Media Monopolies is an important aspect to the business end of the media, regarding country music television networks and programs. CMT is owned and operated by MTV Networks, which is a subsidiary of Viacom. (Wikipedia) Scripps Networks acquired GAC from Jones Radio Network based in Centennial, Colorado on October 12, 2004. Scripps Networks, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, also owns popular lifestyle-oriented channels which include HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network and Travel Channel. The company was spun off from The E. W. Scripps Company in July 2008. (Wikipedia) Music Choice is a U.S. company which offers programs for different music genres and produces music-related content for digital cable subscribers, as well as programs and produces music-related content for on-demand customers with access to Music Choice On-Demand. Music Choice enhanced their appearance and added new graphics and new backgrounds for digital cable on July 10, 2006. (Wikipedia) Country Music Television, Great American Country, and Music Choice channels are available through some digital cable companies including Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, and Comcast.

The Social Learning theory is described through the fact that Country music singers and groups are given the admiration of the fans by the different award shows. Three award shows which only recognize Country music artists for their talents are Country Music Association Awards, Country Music Television Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. The American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards are four award shows which honor the incredible vocal abilities of individual singers and groups in all major genres of music including country, pop, rock, and hip hop. Shania Twain has received five Grammy awards, five American Music awards, and nine Billboard Music awards. (Wikipedia) She received four Academy of Country Music awards including Entertainer of the Year in 2000 and the Double-Diamond Award in 1999 for “The Woman in Me” & “Come on Over” (Back-to-back albums selling over 10 million copies each in the US). (Shania Twain website) Faith Hill has received five Grammy awards, one American Music award in 2006, and three Country Music Association awards. (Wikipedia) She received nine Academy of Country Music awards including Top Female Vocalist in 1998 and 1999. Shania and Faith are both considered Crossover artists because they had at least one song, which was classified as having a pop version and a country version.

Symbolic Interactionism can be shown in Country music through the history and fame of the Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The Grand Ole Opry has been called the “home of American music” and “country’s most famous stage”. This musical landmark is the number-one attraction in Nashville, Tennessee and is world-famous for creating one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences for audiences of all ages. (Opry website) The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has been the home of America's music since 1967. The mission of the historic attraction is to identify and preserve the evolving history and traditions of country music and to educate its audiences. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum serves visiting and non-visiting audiences including fans, students, scholars, and members of the music industry, while functioning as a local history museum and as an international arts organization. (Hall of Fame website) Hundreds of legends and famous country superstars have performed at the Grand Ole Opry and have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Country music has been an important part of my life, since I was about five years old. My parents enjoyed listening to Country music around the house and in the car. My family went to Nashville, Tennessee for the Country Music festival Fan Fair, for eight years during the summer when I was growing up. We were able to meet famous singers and well-known groups, take pictures with them, and get their autograph. As a child and a teenager, I loved singing along to country music songs on the radio or on CD. Now as an adult, I still like listening to Country music songs, but I also like listening to pop, hip hop, and rock songs on the radio or on my MP3 player. Country music is important to me, because of all the wonderful artists I have met in person and of all the incredible concerts I have gone to over the years.