Worldview Paper - My Beliefs

Worldview Paper - My Beliefs

This paper should be an interesting one to write. I know that there are some areas where my beliefs are still being formed and I feel like those areas are going to be tougher to write. I am interested in finding out where those areas lie. I do not think that I am going to be able to get out the required number of pages since I am still learning and know that I will struggle with some areas. This worldview paper is going to be a lesson in itself and I am ready to get started.

I. Epistemology:
I believe that there is such thing as religious knowledge. I think that there is a lot to be learned from the Bible and through the stories that Jesus has left for us to learn. There is knowledge for us to learn from His life if we choose to sit down and allow the message to be heard. To me, going to church and listening to the preacher tell the story from the bible or teach from a certain scripture gives me religious knowledge. I seem to always learn something new when I go into a service with an open mind.

When it comes to moral knowledge, I think that we are constantly learning and growing with this knowledge too. We are taught the “rules” of moral knowledge as we grow up, like sharing, not stealing, things of that nature. But, I think that this is something that we are always learning because I feel like these rules are constantly being tweeked. Take slavery, 100 years ago it was morally acceptable to own a slave, but in the present day if you owned a slave you would be arrested and looked down on by your peers. So, because of things like this, I think this is another area of knowledge that is constantly growing.

Atheistic knowledge is something that I am not so sure about. Just the word atheist makes me think, because I was raised that it was wrong to be an atheist. So, maybe just being biased by the word makes me feel like I am not sure about it. I feel there is knowledge about beauty, but like Christianity, I think that everyone has their own view as to what they think is beautiful. I may think that the sun setting on the ocean is beautiful, but you may think that it is not or have no opinion on the subject. So, maybe we are always gaining atheistic knowledge if we are learning what others see as beautiful and trying to see it through their eyes. This is an area I guess I am still learning in or exploring.

II. Theology:
My theology is that I am a Christian. I believe in the Father, the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost. I was raised Methodist by Christian parents. My father was at one time a Methodist minister, and went on to become a religious reporter for a major Alabama newspaper. I was sent to a private school until I made the decision to go to public school in tenth grade. I went to church every Sunday and was active in my church through the week. I still hold my same beliefs that I was raised with, but I do not currently attend church. I am a single parent of two children, and one of them has special needs, so that makes it harder for me to attend.

I do feel like you do not have to go to church to be a Christian. I feel like God looks at our deeds and what we are doing all the time and not just if we attend church on Sunday. I think if we pray and follow do the right thing, then we are on the right path. I believe also, that God tests us in little ways to make sure we will do the right thing. He also will only give us what we can handle. Meaning He will not dish out more to us than we can take, even if we do not think at the time that we can. God has a plan for our lives, and He knows what that plan is, we can’t change it.

III. Cosmology:
This leads us into cosmology. I believe that God made the universe or the world. He made everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the largest planet. He made every animal, plant, and human. Sadly, since there are so many beliefs in this world, I think that there has to be an explanation as to how the world came to be. Since no one can truly prove any one way over another, then I think there will always be those that question. If we are sure in our beliefs, then we all have our own belief in how the world was created.

My thoughts on what will happen to the universe are the same as I was taught growing up. God will one day come back, and take all Christians to Heaven. There will then be a big war on earth. People will either take the mark of the devil and show their devotion to him, or they that were uncertain when Jesus came back, will have to prove they are indeed Christian. Once the war is over and the remaining Christians have been taken to Heaven, we will then all return to earth to live happy lives as we were in Heaven.

IV. Anthropology:
Human beings are made up of bones and skin, organs and other things. Within our body lies our soul. It cannot be seen or taken, but is what makes us who we are. When we die our physical body will be buried and our soul will go to Heaven or hell. This obviously makes me a Cartesian duelist. I believe that there is a body and a soul and that they are separate from each other. This belief is important to me because without it I think that I would fear death. It gives me hope that when I die that I will not just stop.

Humans were made by God and in His image. When God made the world he used dust of the ground to make man, Adam. He made him in His own image and then took one of Adams ribs and made woman, Eve. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve and therefore we are all made in God’s image. Because we were made in God’s image we have intrinsic value. Since we are made in the image of God we are worth more than if we were just matter with no soul.

I believe that we all have freewill and can choose what we will and will not do. I do feel like even though we have freewill that we do have to make the right choices in deciding what we are going to do. We have to use our knowledge to make the right decision, meaning that we cannot go into a store and take what we want without paying for it because we have freewill.

V. Ethics:
Who is well off? Someone who does not have to struggle financially defines well off for me. They can pay their bills without batting an eye, buy what is needed or really what is wanted when it is needed or wanted, and they have money left over to take care of emergencies when they arise. They live in a nice house that is paid for or close to it, and may even have someone to help them take care of it. They drive nice cars and have the money to replace it when something goes wrong or when it is a few years old. They can travel when and where they want to and not worry about where they are going to stay and if they will have to choose between souvenirs and food.

I would be living the good life if I lived even a somewhat close to the people who are well off. To be able to live in a house where my kids could grow up, and have the things that they need without me having to worry about where I was going to get money for something. The good life would be me being able to give my son a room where he could go to calm down when he was having a tantrum, or to be able to provide him with a wheat and cassien free diet to try and see if that helps with some behaviors. I would be able to plan our trip to Disney any time of the year instead of having to worry about getting it done before money gets spent on something else.

I think that while the above paragraph lets you know what my idea of the good life would be, I think that your idea will be different. I think that we all have the freewill to decide what the good life is for each of us. There is no set idea of what the good life is for humans as a whole, unlike being well off. I think that we all have a pretty general idea of someone who is well off.

I think that a really good person is someone who is kind, helps others, is gentle, and does the right thing. That being said, I think that anyone can be a good person. It is choices that we make that make us a good person or not. We do not have to be well off or living the good life in order to be a good person. It has nothing to do with DNA or how we grew up. We could have grown up in an very poor area and living on welfare and still be a good person. I do however feel like it has a bit to do with how we were raised, but that it only plays a part of us being a good person. Being a good person is about choosing to be a good person.

VI. Thanatology:
Humans are immortal since when we die our souls leave our bodies and go to Heaven or hell. While our bodies do go into the grave and rot, our souls live on. Once our souls reach the gates of Heaven we meet with St. Peter and are told if we will enter or not. Once we enter we will live forever in Heaven. In Heaven there is no pain or despair, we will not want for anything, and will live in peace. This is how it was taught to me as a child, and the belief has stuck with me to this day. I feel like this view is consistent with my anthropology and my theology.

VII. Soteriology:
Sometimes I think that humans need to be saved from themselves. At times we do things to ourselves that we just shouldn’t. But in general I think the most important thing that we need to be saved from are our sins. When we do something that is wrong in the eyes of the Lord then we need to ask Him for forgiveness. Without asking for forgiveness we will carry that sin with us until we die. When we ask forgiveness though God wipes that sin away and unlike us, He forgets it after we have asked Him to forgive us. This belief is very central in my life, because without it I would feel like there would be no forgiveness and if we had no reason to ask forgiveness then we would feel like we could do anything that we wanted to and would have to answer to no one.

VIII. Existential Issues:
What is the meaning of life, isn’t that the ultimate philosophical question? I feel like the meaning of life, like our own beliefs are different for each of us. My meaning of life may be to live a happy healthy life and to make sure that my kids are happy and healthy and do the right thing. But your meaning of life may be to have a dream job and grow old in some far away country. So, I think that there is an ultimate meaning or purpose in life, but it is different for each of us.

I think at times we all feel alienated or isolated. It may be when we are in a new situation and there is a group of people that already know each other well and we feel lost amongst them. Like we don’t fit in and since we are hanging back and not interacting, the other group does not feel like we are approachable so they don’t come to us so we feel alienated. But, when we choose to lock ourselves away from others and not interact or involve ourselves with others then we have chosen to be isolated or alienated.

IX. Conclusion:
In writing this paper I realize that there are some areas that I have stronger beliefs than others. Some areas I struggled in writing and have turned out much shorter than the ones where would look at the questions and the words would flow. I know now that I still have learning to do which solidifies my belief that we are constantly learning. I am surprised that I hit seven pages. I stated in my intro that I was not certain that I would make it this far and I am happy that I did. Like I thought I learned a lot in writing this paper and can’t wait to learn more in the areas that I am still weak in.